Trucker Makes It Out Alive After Trailer Explodes

Indianapolis, Indiana – Two people were inside a big rig when they heard what they described as “pops.” They then heard explosions and knew they had a problem. They got out of the truck to discover the trailer was engulfed in flames. The driver immediately unhooked his tractor from the trailer and pulled it away to safety.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Liggett/Fox59

It all happened quickly about 2 a.m. this morning on EB I-70 at mile marker 85.1 on the east side of Indy officials said. Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene and firefighters struggled to contain the flames. In fact, officials said firefighters fought the blaze for over an hour and used 200 gallons of water.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Liggett/Fox59

All lanes were shut down for approximately 2 hours. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Thankfully, both the driver and passenger escaped unharmed.


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