Trucker Narrowly Escapes Blazing Inferno After Crashing Through Concrete Median Wall

Boise, ID – A trucker narrowly escaped certain death this morning along an Idaho interstate after crashing through the concrete median wall.

The Idaho State Police said the accident occurred at approximately 7:36 a.m. on Tuesday along Interstate 84 near milepost 48.

A semi-tractor hauling a flatbed trailer loaded with lumber smashed into the median wall and overturned before bursting into flames.


ISP said the accident involved vehicles traveling in both directions, but has not yet specified how many.

Further, it is not yet known what led to the crash.

However, according to investigators, one person is believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

Dramatic video captured by a passing motorist and obtained by local outlet KTVB 7 shows the trucker jumping from the burning tractor just in the nick of time.

WATCH it below.

The big rig’s load of lumber and wreckage from the crash was strewn across the interstate in both directions.

Emergency crews shut down all eastbound lanes and all but one westbound lane for hours as they worked to clear the scene.


As of mid-day, two lanes had been reopened in each direction, ISP reported.

Authorities also took to social media to call out passing motorists for capturing pictures and videos from the scene.

“While behind the wheel, put the phone down and focus on driving,” ISP Tweeted. “It’s the law and it will save lives.” will monitor the crash investigation.

Photo courtesy KTVB


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