Trucker Robbed At Gunpoint In Cleveland Shipping Lot

Cleveland, Ohio — A truck driver was robbed and attacked when he pulled into work early Tuesday in Cleveland, police reports say. The robbery happened at approximately 5 a.m. in the parking lot of a shipping building on St. Clair Avenue near East 38th Street in the city’s Goodrich-Kirtland Park neighborhood, police reports indicate.

The 60-year-old truck driver drove his personal car up to his truck in the parking lot in order to prepare the truck for a route to Detroit. He had in his hands a bag of ice and a plastic bag full of items he needed for the trip when someone approached him from behind and put a solid object to his back, which he believed to be a gun, police reports say.

The potential gunman told him: “If you turn around I’m going to blow your m—-r f—–g brains out. You know what this is,” according to police reports. The truck driver froze and did not turn around. The robber told him to get on the ground and the truck driver complied, dropping the items in his hands.

According to the report, the trucker then pleaded with the robber not to shoot him as he grabbed $34 in cash and handed it to the robber. Police then say that after taking the money, the robber hit the truck driver in the head with the blunt object. The trucker stayed on the ground until he heard the robber run away, according to police reports. No arrests have been made in this case at this time.

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This incident comes amid growing safety concerns among truckers and calls for more security personnel in shipper/receiver yards and at truck stops. Earlier this week Transportation Nation Network reported on the tragic and mysterious death of KLLM truck driver Karemeshia Thomas at the Mardi Gras Truck Stop in New Orleans, Louisiana. Thomas was found dead in her truck and ‘covered in blood’ Wednesday, September 12, three days after having arrived at the truck stop. Authorities are still investigating this case also and no arrests have yet been made.

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