Trucker Says Racing Motorists Crashed Into Big Rig Then Fled on Foot

Los Angeles, CA – A trucker was shaken, but uninjured, after two motorists driving luxury vehicles crashed into his big rig early Tuesday morning along the 101 Freeway near downtown Los Angeles, and then fled the scene.

According to multiple local news reports, a trucker operating an Amazon tractor-trailer northbound on the 101 told authorities a Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini crashed into his vehicle at approximately 2:30 a.m.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) investigators say the drivers of the luxury vehicles were likely racing and lost control causing what could have been deadly crash.


Rainy and wet conditions at the time of the accident could have also contributed, CHP says.

The trucker, who was not identified, told authorities by the time he exited his truck the motorists had fled on foot.

CHP found blood in the Mercedes-Benz and suspects the driver was injured in the crash.


“It’s quite possible that somebody is injured. We’re going to be checking the hospitals to see if anybody comes in or if anybody reports activity that they were involved in a collision,” CHP Sgt. Taka Hiura told FOX 11.

Additionally, investigators also believe one of the drivers may have taken something from the trunk before hastily leaving the scene.

Anyone with information is asked to contact CHP.

Photos courtesy FOX 11



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