Trucker ‘Shocks the World’ in Apparent Victory Over Powerful New Jersey Democrat

Gloucester County, NJ — A longtime trucker is sending shockwaves through the New Jersey political establishment after apparently defeating a powerful state senator.

Edward Durr, 58, has been a professional truck driver for more than 25 years.


Soon you can add the title “state senator” to his resumé as he is poised to upset New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) in the race to win the state’s Third District Senate seat.

As of Wednesday night, the Raymour & Flanagan truck driver leads Sweeney by more than 2,000 votes — 51.78% to 48.22% — with more than 99 percent of precincts reporting.

Durr, a Republican, was born and raised in New Jersey and is a father of three and a grandfather to six.

He describes himself as a “constitutional conservative,” which makes his victory over a Democrat in such a heavily blue district all-the-more improbable.


Sweeney has held the District 3 seat — which encompasses parts of Cumberland and Gloucester counties, as well as Salem County — since 2004.

He has served as the president of the New Jersey Senate since 2010 and is known as a formidable political powerbroker.

“I joked with people and I said, ‘I’m going to shock the world, I’m going to beat this man,’” Durr told on Wednesday afternoon. “I was saying it, but really kind of joking. Because what chance did a person like me really stand against this man? He’s literally the second-most powerful person in the state of New Jersey.”


However, Durr’s messages of lowering property taxes and ending COVID lockdowns and mandates resonated with voters.

“Our property tax is the highest and we have the worst business environment,” he said during an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday night. “You cannot tell people they can’t have a job. You cannot tell people they can’t go to church and that’s what was done and there was nothing done by the legislature.”

WATCH his campaign video below.

Making Durr’s apparent victory even more miraculous is the fact he reportedly raised less than $10,000 and spent only about $5,000 on his entire campaign.

“Not everybody has to have a lot of money to run,” Gloria Durr recently told NBC 10 regarding her son’s frugal campaign. “All they have to do is have a heart for the people, and he’s got a heart for the working people.”


While the apparently victorious political neophyte will soon head to Trenton to begin a new journey, don’t for a second think he intends to sit quietly.

“If there’s one thing people will learn about me, I’ve got a big mouth and I don’t shut up,” Durr told Fox News. “When I want to be heard, I’m going to be heard. I will be that voice for the people because the people deserve a voice and that’s what an elected official is.”


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