Trucker Shoots Trucker Over Fuel Island Dispute At Love’s Travel Center

Butts County, Georgia – Multiple gunshots were fired at a Jackson, Georgia Love’s Travel Center yesterday when two truckers got into an altercation over the use of a fuel pump. Butts County investigators have not released the names of the truckers, but Major Jeff Nix told Fox 5 Atlanta, “The driver who fired several shots is not in custody. All of this is still under investigation.” According to investigators the 911 call came in around 1 p.m. yesterday. “Apparently, this started over one of the drivers taking too much time at the diesel fuel pump,” said Major Nix. The victim was hit several times and airlifted to a nearby hospital. The victim was alert, conscious and breathing at the time. Nix said the shooter stayed on the scene and co-operated with authorities.

Nix said the shooter is not in custody which indicates investigators think it could be a self-defense shooting. No charges are expected to be filed against the shooter. Most truckers have no doubt experienced frustration at the fuel island, but veteran trucker Rita Bucko told Fox 5 Atlanta, “There was a time when we used to look out for each other, but it’s not like that anymore. You don’t know who’s going to try to run you off the road or who’s going to try to shoot you. It’s just scary out here.”

Another layer to this story is the use of a firearm at a truck stop. The topic of trucker’s carrying guns always creates quite a debate in the trucking community. The truckers of The Driver’s Lounge debate this issue from all sides in the two part series, “Are You Packing?” Watch it and sound off in the comments about whether you think truckers should be allowed by their carriers to carry a gun in the truck with them for self-defense.


ARE YOU PACKING? part 1 (Episode 38)

Truckers are being gunned down at truck stops, rest areas, and unsafe parking locations across the U.S. Many states don’t have reciprocity in their gun laws which put many truckers at risk of committing a crime simply by carrying a firearm. Also, many trucking companies don’t allow their drivers to carry a gun for fear of soaring insurance costs and costly litigation.

In part 1 we debate whether a trucker should have the right by federal law to carry a gun into any state he or she chooses. Also, is carrying a gun really the most effective way to protect you and your rig? Get ready for the most intense debate yet inside The Drivers Lounge!


ARE YOU PACKING? part 2 (Episode 39)

In part 2 we debate if carriers should restrict the rights of truckers to carry a gun on the job and if it puts truckers at higher risks. Plus, what’s up with all these truck stop shootings? Get ready for the most intense debate yet inside The Drivers Lounge!


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