Trucker Shot By Security Guard Over Parking Dispute Sues, Truck Stop Giant Responds

Oklahoma City, OK – A Texas trucker is suing a major truck stop chain after he was shot by a security guard during a parking dispute earlier this year.

Alvie Paul Sisk, 43, of San Angelo, has filed suit in the District Court of Oklahoma County against TravelCenters of America (TA) after suffering serious injuries following a shooting at a TA located in Oklahoma City near Interstate 40 and South Council Road.

Also named in the suit is the security contracting company, Bischoff Big Dog Express, LLC.


The incident, which occurred in the early morning hours of February 14, 2020, garnered a firestorm of media attention after the security guard involved in the altercation, George Daryl Bischoff, 45, killed himself less than a week later.

According to Sisk’s attorney, Dan Markoff, who spoke about the case exclusively to Transportation Nation Network (TNN), the trucker arrived to the truck stop at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Markoff says Sisk was very close to running out of on duty time for the day and pulled into a paid parking space.

Sisk went off duty and was getting some sleep when at around 4:30 a.m. the following morning Bischoff approached the truck.

“Alvie was awakened by banging on his truck notifying him he had not paid,” Markoff said.

According to Markoff, Sisk then informed Bischoff that he needed to remain off duty for “another 30 minutes,” and then he would “be happy to go pay” before leaving.

“No! Get out of here!” Markoff says Bischoff demanded before walking away, only to return a short time later.


When Bischoff came back, Markoff says the confrontation quickly escalated.

“Alvie heard a sound coming from behind the cab. He looked and saw the security guard pulling his airlines down,” Markoff claims.

Then Markoff says Sisk, who was unarmed, “jumped out of truck and said, ‘Don’t mess with my truck!'”

The altercation then became physical.

“Alvie pushed the security guard away from his truck,” Markoff explained.

Bischoff responded with potentially lethal force.

“He (Bischoff) pulled out a .40 caliber glock and shot Alvie in the abdomen from 3 to 6 feet away,” Markoff said.

According to the medical report, the bullet entered near Sisk’s right rib cage and traveled through his liver, ricocheting into his right lung before exiting through his lower back.


An investigation into the matter was conducted by the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD).

Though criminal charges were not immediately filed against Bischoff, Markoff says authorities indicated charges were expected.

However, Bischoff took his own life on February 20.

Bischoff, a former U.S. Marine, rented a firearm at Big Boys Guns, Ammo and Range, located on Southwest 74th Street.

He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

It is unclear what role, if any, the truck stop shooting played in Bischoff’s suicide.

Markoff called the whole ordeal a “tragedy in both senses.”

According to Oklahoma law, should Sisk win a judgement in the case, he is allowed to recover all medical expenses and lost wages.


Additionally, a jury can award him compensation for pain and suffering, permanent injury, and impose punitive damages as well, Markoff advises.

Further, Markoff says he is very confident in the case.

“I think it is an exceptionally strong case of excessive force. There was no reason whatsoever that the security guard should have even pulled the weapon. Why in the world would he use it over a simple dispute over an unpaid parking space?”

TA Denies “All Allegations of Negligence”

TA has since filed an answer in the case and “denies any and all allegations of negligence.”

In fact, TA’s legal counsel indicates the chain was actually contracted with Thomas Protective Services, Inc., which is not named in the suit. 


Additionally, TA is arguing Sisk is to blame and the truck stop giant should not be held liable for the actions of a security guard for whom it had “no control.”

“The damages alleged by Plaintiff resulted from the acts or omissions of Plaintiff and/or third parties over whom TA had no control, and such acts or omissions caused the damages complained of, if any,” the answer states.


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Moreover, TA also contends Sisk has “failed to state a good and valid claim for punitive damages,” arguing his claims are “so vague as to be effectively meaningless.”

The company also asserts any award of punitive damages “threatens the possibility of excessive punishment.”


TNN reached out to TA for comment more than a week ago.

So far, the company has yet to respond to our request. will continue to bring you the latest developments on this case.

Photo courtesy of Alvie Paul Sisk



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  1. TA needs to stop being parking lot Nazi’s. If it’s after midnight and nobody has paid for your spots, have a bit of good will and let drivers park in them for free. Your whole business is based on the money we spend in your stores, and we spend a lot as you well know. I’m tired of truckstop chains forgetting who really pays the bills.


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