Trucker Sought By Police After Tire Blowout Leads To Deadly Accident

College Station, Texas – Authorities in College Station are still searching for a tractor-trailer that blew a tire last week along Highway 6 that led to a deadly outcome for a passenger in a flatbed semi.

According to the College Station Police Department, a big rig blew a tire along Highway 6 South at approximately 4:46 p.m. on Friday.

Investigators said parts of the tire from the 18-wheeler landed into an adjacent traffic lane causing the vehicles traveling southbound to slow.


A flatbed semi operating southbound behind the first big rig was unable to slow and swerved into the grassy median to avoid a potentially deadly rear-end crash.

As the truck swerved, authorities said the flatbed trailer detached and came to rest on top of the semi, crushing the driver and passenger, 45-year-old Teresa Ann Schwertner-Lee, of Anderson.

Schwertner-Lee was pronounced dead on the scene.

A semi-tire blowout led to a Texas woman losing her life along Highway 6 last week.

The second victim was trapped for more than 2 hours and flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital, according to authorities.

His condition has not been updated at this time.

Police said the driver of the tractor-trailer that lost the tire continued on and did not stop.


Investigators said it is unclear if the truck driver knew what happened or if he fled the scene with knowledge of the accident.

Either way, authorities said they are seeking to question the driver about the incident.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to monitor any new developments in this ongoing investigation.




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