Trucker Suffers Injuries While Helping Swift Driver Attempt to Park at Truck Stop

Morris, IL – A Florida trucker was struck and injured as he was attempting to help a driver back into a spot at a truck stop in Illinois this week.

A police report sent to Transportation Nation Network (TNN) by the Morris Police Department (MPD) reveals the incident occurred on Wednesday at the TravelCenters of America (TA), located at 21 Romines Drive.


MPD officer Sarah Smith was dispatched to the back parking lot of the TA around 10:40 p.m.

Upon arrival, Officer Smith found 38-year-old Aleksander Stojanovski, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, laying between two big rigs and bleeding from his head and leg.

Officer Smith said Stojanovski was conscious and breathing at the time of her arrival.

MPD provided a diagram of the scene below.

Witnesses to the incident told MPD investigators Stojanovski was staying overnight at the TA and “had been helping people back into their spots all night long.”


One witness, Milana Vukelich, of Coral Springs, FL, told Officer Smith that 23-year-old Swift Transportation driver, Reid Hahn, of Castlerock, CO, was “having trouble” backing into his spot, and Stojanovski was attempting to assist.

As Hahn was backing up, Stojanovski noticed he was going to hit a parked truck.

At that point, the witness said Stojanovski “tried to run behind Hahn’s trailer to signal to him to stop backing up.”

Stojanovski was then pinned between the 2014 Hyundai trailer that Hahn was pulling and a parked 2019 Freightliner, occupied by another Swift driver, Brian Hammond, 59, of Marshfield, WI.


Vukelich told authorities she ran to the front of Hahn’s truck and told him to move forward.

According to Hammond, he felt his truck move upon impact and exited the vehicle to see what had happened.


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He observed Stojanovski on the ground and injured, in front of his truck.

Hammond reported no damage to his Freightliner.


Stojanovski was treated by paramedics on-scene before being transported to an area hospital.

After Stojanovski left the scene, Officer Smith located his wallet and cross necklace, which he had lost during the collision.

She returned his belongings to Morris Hospital, but did not provide an update on Stojanovski’s condition.

MPD did not specify if Hahn was cited in the incident.


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  1. Not funny at all. Drivers helping get tired drivers off the road(they may be out of drive time, starving, fatigued, hurt, etc.) And he got pinned in the process.

    I always stay by the drivers side if doin a ‘mon back, and agree on a set of hand signals beforehand.

    In addition, drivers at truck stops today enter way too fast and leave faster. They fail to realize if they hit someone the legal ramifications are an uphill battle if you are Involved. Wisdom- STFD!!!

    1. not funny at all respect to driver that tried helping although times have changed these days .Early 1990s you seen more drivers helping one another. Today you will get hit or backed up on for trying to help.Since the elog law was signed in to effect (not blaming) but I’ve noticed every night that I sit up at least 1hour I see countless trucks pulling into the truckstop of speeds 15 to 25mph maybe more pulling in off the road into the parking lot with there e log warning light flashing looking for a place to park desperately.Its been more truckers fighting over parking spots, accidents with my own eyes right in the truck stop parking lot all because Mr bozo almost out of time so he decides to do 25mph in the parking lot looking for a place to shut down in the process of running pedistrians over and running into other driver that’s also looking to shut down. my opinion only this is another reason why you just can’t get down and help no longer.The situations I see and have seen a reflective vest may not even save you these days in truckstop parking lot and it’s sad to say as a driver myself who sit and watches it all the last past10 years and still counting.You can’t blame Swift for it all.Swift just a company we all can pick on easily although they make alot of mistakes.What do you say when it’s not a swift truck as I’ve seen many of times but yet owner operators and LPs leased to a company screw up too.
      Reason for poor training these days because the industry need drivers very very bad and the younger generation well there just not going to accept trucking as a career.The verterans are retiring quicker then the younger generation can refill seats.Do your stats, your numbers and read the trucking news there you’ll discover what h*** is going on and why.Everything has a cause and effect in this world we live in.Prayers to all drivers be safe,stay safe, and get back safley to your family that loves you

    2. I 100 percent agree with the entering parking lots way to fast.Thats why I stay put inside the cab espically night fall.Its horriable.I leave my dash cam on over night recording Lord how mercy on us but there futiage I wake up to rolling the tape back every morning smh it’s insane

  2. Whoever said this is funny needs help in a serious way!!
    Lord have mercy on us!! This man was helping others and from the sound of it, helping quite some time. Should he got behind and in-between the two semi’s??? Probably not?? He should of stayed to the one side or the other and guided the driver’s that way. Lord willing he’ll be ok and be back on the road soon!!! SOLI DEO GLORIA!!!

  3. Once agin we have young drivers being put on the road with bad training.
    If the picture is accurate then the driver was gonna hit that truck square on. Under no circumstances will I ever walk between truck and trailer.

  4. i say the eld mandate is to blame and only going to get worse. everyone out there still driving and whining about more wreck’s and accident’s since eld. well you’re partly to blame as well. fur not making a stand. and yes I did when eld went into effect i stopped driving !! haven’t went back to driving and won’t unless it goes back to truck, n it’s just a miserable job now and I won’t do it.


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