Trucker Survives “Freak Accident” When Strap Winch Crashes Through Windshield

Selma, North Carolina – Truck driver Steve Medina was traveling down I-95 in North Carolina on Monday night when a “freak accident” almost took his life. A steel strap winch from another semi ahead of him broke off and smashed through his windshield striking him in the neck and chest.

“Something came crashing through the windshield and hit me in the chest and the neck,” he told “I was dazed by it. I really didn’t understand what had happened. I just knew I was in a lot of pain at the moment.”

Medina was bleeding heavily and began to wonder whether he would soon pass out and not be found until it was too late. He was able to safely pull the truck over and began signaling for help using a flashlight.


Donnie Taylor who works for the North Carolina DOT saw Medina’s signals for help and stopped to help. “The Lord puts me where I’m supposed to be,” Taylor also told “I really was worried. I felt like what I was doing was going to make a difference if he lived or died. Nobody else looked like they were going to stop.”

“Thank God for Donnie,” Medina said. “He stopped and immediately made me feel a lot better. Good man.” Taylor’s actions are being lauded by many.


As for Medina, he’s healing up in a local hospital before he heads back to his home in Texas. Watch the full video report above on this story, shared courtesy of It’s probably the best we’ve seen.



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