Trucker Tells America “Stay Home!” So Maybe Drivers Can Go Home Soon Too

Nashville, TN – A Tennessee trucker who desperately wants to get home to see his family has had enough of Americans complaining about having to stay at home amid shelter in place orders in states across the nation.

Truck driver, husband and father of three, John Kennedy, of Nashville, has been on the road for the last three weeks working to keep America moving during this time of national emergency.

Kennedy told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) he has been a trucker for 21 years and an owner operator since November 2019.


He took to Facebook on Tuesday, March 31, to get a few things off of his chest.

“I don’t say much. I usually keep my mouth shut, but people… stay at home,” Kennedy implored. “Everybody please stay at home so this thing will get over with and so drivers like me can go home.”

As he turned the camera to his sleeper revealing the cramped living space, he made an offer to those watching.

“If you want to go somewhere, I will be more than happy to swap my 6×6 livable space with you and I’ll go stay in your house,” he said. “You people think you’ve got it bad being stuck at home, try coming out here to be a driver during this time and see what we’re limited to.”

Kennedy then turned his attention to the deteriorating working conditions truckers are facing.


He took aim at newly adopted policies at many shippers and receivers designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We used to could use their amenities… restrooms, break room, microwave, you know… get out of the truck… not today, not since this virus,” he explained.


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Kennedy said it was his birthday and all he had was a microwaveable meal that the shipper in Union City, TN, refused to heat up for him.

“They won’t even take it in and heat it up for you because we are considered outsiders and they don’t want their families to get the virus,” he stated.

Making matters worse was the fact he had already been there for more than two hours waiting.


Despite the challenging working conditions and risks to his personal well-being, Kennedy made it clear he intends to keep on trucking until the health crisis is behind us.

“I don’t care if there’s a thousand cars on the road or two cars on the road… I’m still going to do my job, but people y’all have to do yours too!”

WATCH Kennedy’s videos below.



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  1. Been there done that driver. They never said trucking was gonna be easy. I sympathize with you on the current conditions and I want to thank you for putting up with it to keep the goods rolling. I got off the road a couple of years ago to drive local and now I’m one of those stuck at home. Hard to say which is worse. We’re dedicated to the Big 3 and they’re shut down so we are too. Thanks again big guy, and please forgive the shippers and receivers, they’re just trying to stay well.

  2. This guy doesn’t even know what a owner operator is!!! He is obviously a lease operator that is nothing more than a glorified company driver. If he wasn’t a company driver he could go home and stop crying about how he is mad that he has to work for a living!!! There is millions of people that want to work because they can’t survive and support there family’s and pay there bills with being out of work for a month!! This guy is a perfect example of what’s wrong with today’s powder puff delicate driver’s.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! I am feeling guilty for being one of the few who still have a job. I drive a truck as a company driver and we have been staying just as busy as we have always been. So many people are having to self isolate in their homes, and I get to be out seeing all the beautiful landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. They are wondering how they’ll pay their bills since their business has closed and we truck drivers are still making a great living. Quit your wining and count your blessings. Nobody gives a crap about your damn birthday, what are you 6?? The shippers and receivers are limiting their contact with us to keep US safe you idiot. If they were conducting business as usual, as you would like them to so you can heat your pathetic birthday dinner, we would all be way more exposed, as would they, and the supply chains would be in even more danger. I drive a 2020 Cascadia and it’s like a freaking motor home in here. I haven’t been home for over 7 weeks and I won’t go home until this pandemic is calmed down so I don’t expose my 80+year old mother in law to what I may have picked up on the road. I am completely comfortable in my truck, there are plenty of truck parking spots, truck stops are still open, showers are still free, Walmart’s still let me park and shop, life is absolutely fine out here. I feel blessed to be helping with the supply chain, and to still be able to be making a great living while others suffer job loss and sickness and death. Shame on you for acting like it’s horrible for US! We are the ones that have it good.

      1. I was just at the place 36hrs earlier and these rules were not in place. I run to same 4 places 2-3times a week. I dont care about my BIRTHDAY because I have worked them or been in service since I was 17. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE THINGS THAT ARE BEING TAKEN FROM US AT THIS TIME.if you dont see it your blind or chose not to see it.

    2. I have been driving for 25 yrs. I have stayed out 4-5 months at a time. This is Not about going home. This is more about how we are getting treated at this time. We are OUTSIDERS to the shippers and receivers. Truckstops are cutting services or closing all together. My wife has a low immune system, my Mom has cancer and a 2 month old grandson . If people would have listened 3-4 weeks ago we wouldn’t be going through this now. Prisoners are getting treated better than we are. Truck drivers have always had a bad reputation and we are lower than the bottom of the ocean. I do own my truck and hopper NO PAYMENTS. So I am not one of these steering wheel holders (NEW BREED). This whole thing like I said is the way we are getting treated.

  3. Jim you need to not rely on others for your wellbeing. I have a refrigerator freezer, microwave oven, wifi router, xbox one, tv, coffee maker and a rice cooker to heat up frozen meals. I cook all my breakfast and dinner food at home and purchase deli meat, cheese with wraps for lunch. I stop at walmart for fresh fruit and produce as needed. I can pack 65 meals on my truck both frozen, fresh and refrigerated. Proper planning precludes poor performance. I drive a 2016 Volvo 730. My truck and I love it. Be safe and plan ahead to avoid trouble.

  4. If President Trump and governor’s nation wide don’t start making disions very soon on trucking this is going get much worse than it is I my self is sujesting truck nation wide stop. Is money more important than our family’s safety and yes if trucks stop moving we will all be in trouble I’m hoping President Trump reads this along with governers I’m only 1 person and most will never agree I am a trucker and do understand

  5. As a truck driver we see countless things out here. But during this virus pandemic I’m driving through OKC for some people Oklahoma City. Tell me why you got all types of people out on the interstate driving and some folks just being out and about being nosy instead of being at home what they’re supposed to be. I picked up a load of lunch meat this morning in Oklahoma one lady tell me they had a outbreak of seven people in a small town that jumped up to 22 people overnight. Look y’all if you know you got symptoms stay your butt home for 2 weeks quarantine yourself. We got til the rest of this month of April to do what we need to do before things get back in order. Maybe.!. I do know this! None of you ignorant bamas about to make me sick. I sanitize handles including the one on my truck when I get out. I sanitize toilet seats handles you name it I’m spraying. I’m not talking to nobody I give head gestures. And for those wearing those masks that look like surgical masks they don’t work. You need a painter’s mask with the part with the little metal clip that you bend over your nose. That’s all I’m saying for now later.


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