Trucker Thankful to Escape After Coming Under Attack in L.A.

Los Angeles, CA – A truck driver was thankful to escape without serious injury after coming under attack on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

James Ford, a 55-year-old company driver from Barstow, CA, tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) his truck was attacked on Sunday at approximately 11:30 p.m.

According to Ford, the incident happened as he was about to make a delivery of Coca-Cola products to a receiver located on South Central in L.A.


He says he was heading northbound and as he turned onto 12th Street things quickly became dangerous.

“A car pulled up next to me and I heard a loud bang and my window shattered,” Ford described.

Images provided by Ford reveal the driver’s side window was shattered from the impact of a still unknown object.

The next thing he knew he heard people “beating on the sleeper,” and more objects were striking the truck.

He says he proceeded for two blocks before stopping to attempt to call 9-1-1.

By the time the call connected, Ford says he turned onto Olympia fearing he was being followed by multiple vehicles.

Police arrived to the scene approximately 5 to 10 minutes later, Ford says.

He filed a report with authorities and provided it to TNN.


Investigators determined the object that struck Ford’s window was likely not a bullet, but could have been lethal nonetheless.

Ford thankfully only suffered minor abrasions to his elbow.


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Despite the close call and admitting to thinking twice about delivering to an area where tensions are high, Ford says he will continue doing what the job calls for.

“Somebody has to deliver down here,” he said. “These people need to have their supplies too. I will still go and hammer down if I have to.”

As unrest over the death of George Floyd has escalated into rioting in dozens of cities around the nation, more and more reports of looters targeting truckers are emerging.


Other truckers came under attack over the weekend in cities such as Minneapolis, MN and St. Louis, MO.

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TNN has spoken with multiple trucking executives about the challenges of managing a fleet amid the uprisings.

Each executive urged truckers to avoid areas where ongoing protests are known to be and to call ahead to your pickup or delivery destination in order to check if they are open and confirm the safest possible route.

However, one executive may have put it best by saying, “If your company is requiring you to go into an area like that, then go to work for another company.” will continue monitoring these situations closely, so stay logged on for the latest.

Photos courtesy James Ford



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