Trucker Thwarts Break In At Dollar General Store

Youngstown, Ohio – A truck driver saved the day or at least a bunch of merchandise from a Dollar General Store in Youngstown, Ohio, last night.

Charlie Thomas, a truck driver for U.S. Xpress, was asleep in his rig in the parking lot of a Dollar General Store when he heard a noise at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. He told WKBN 27 he thought his truck was being broken into, but when he looked out of his window he discovered three suspects breaking into the store.


Thomas did not engage with the suspects, but instead called 9-1-1. By the time the police had arrived the suspects had already fled the scene. “There were two on the side of the building. One was busting the window out. Soon as he got the door open, the other two came in. I guess they knew what they were after because 30 seconds later, they were gone,” Thomas said.

Police were able to nab one of the suspects. Two are still at-large, but the management of the Dollar General Store was sure happy to have a trucker watching over them last night.

Video shared courtesy of WKBN 27/YouTube.


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