Trucker To Face Charges After Hitting Police Car That Pulled In Front Of Semi on Interstate

Polk County, FL – A trucker is facing charges after police say a patrol car pulled out in front of a semi-truck on a Florida interstate, resulting in a dramatic collision, which was partially caught on dashcam.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the accident took place Friday night on Interstate 4 in Polk County.


Polk County Deputy Juan Sanchez was responding to an unrelated traffic incident along with a fellow Trooper in a separate patrol vehicle.

FHP said Sanchez, who was parked behind his associate’s cruiser on the shoulder of I-4, was attempting to leave the scene with his vehicle’s lights engaged when he pulled out in front of a semi-truck, which was traveling on the interstate.

The semi was unable to avoid striking Sanchez’s patrol car.

As a result, the patrol car was catapulted into the other trooper’s vehicle and into the grass — a move which was partially caught on police dashcam.

As the vehicle was pushed into the grass, Sanchez’s car struck a motorist standing near the shoulder.

Other motorists standing in the grass along the shoulder can be heard screaming.


Sanchez, along with the struck motorist, were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The trucker’s name and information was not released by law enforcement.

Additionally, officials gave no mention of the trucker’s condition following the accident.

However, FHP did state the un-named trucker is facing charges in connection with the accident.

Local news outlet WFLA said FHP’s Sgt. Steve Gaskins confirmed charges are “pending.”

In its reporting, WFLA stated “that truck driver should have either moved over a lane of traffic, or slowed his speed down by 20 miles per hour,” citing Florida’s “Move Over Law.”


“We are fortunate that we don’t have a lot of dead folks as a result of that crash,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, following the release of the dashcam video.

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Also following the release of the video, several local police departments posted similar “Move Over” warnings regarding the incident.

“You know how there’s that whole ‘move over’ law? If you don’t, then you should,” Highlands County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), located in Sebring, FL, wrote on social media.


“Well, this is why it’s there. And why it’s so important. All of our deputies (and all other first responders, tow truck drivers and road workers) want to go home at the end of their shift. Moving over or slowing down is the least you can do to help.”

“Ok, this is a bit confusing or misleading,” Wendi Burnett wrote in response to HCSO’s post. “I understand and definitely follow the move over law, BUT this was on an Interstate therefore it’s not always an option to change lanes depending on traffic at the time.

“Also the sheriff was NOT parked according to the full story, he PULLED OUT into traffic and was hit by the semi truck driver, which was just driving along the interstate and had a sheriff PULL OUT IN FRONT OF IT!” Burnett recognized. “Glad the officer is ok though.”

WATCH the video below, courtesy of FHP, and share your thoughts in the TNN member comments section below.

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