Trucker Under Investigation After Found Hauling Stolen Trailer Loaded With Toilet Paper

Guilford County, NC – A trucker is under investigation after he was discovered hauling a trailer that was reported stolen and containing 18,000 lbs. of toilet paper.

On Wednesday, Guilford County authorities say they initiated an investigation of a tractor-trailer for a “violation of North Carolina traffic law.”

Deputies with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) spotted the suspected tractor-trailer along Interstate 40 in Whitsett.


According to the GCSO, authorities then followed the big rig to a warehouse nearby where the truck’s driver was questioned.

Investigators determined the trailer, which was registered in California, was stolen.

Upon further investigation, GCSO deputies discovered 18,000 lbs. of toilet paper inside the trailer.

“We are still trying to sort through the entire thing,” Captian Daryl Loftis with the GCSO tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN). “It’s not something I’ve seen in my 25 years in law enforcement.”


Captain Loftis says the truck driver, whose identity has not been made public, indicated he was unaware the trailer was reported stolen.

“The delivery destination was in Greensboro,” Captain Loftis stated.

However, he also revealed, “The tractor-trailer was not going to its destination when we encountered it.”

Captain Loftis says no arrests have been made as of yet, but the investigation is ongoing.


The Captain also wanted to make a delivery of his own… a delivery of a message that is.

“Let the transportation nation know we sincerely appreciate them for what they do for our country,” he said.

TNN will continue to follow the case.



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