Trucker Uses Flashlight to Fend Off Attack By Three Illegal Immigrants at Texas Truck Stop

Encinal, TX – A trucker using only a flashlight successfully fended off an attack by three illegal immigrants at Texas truck stop last week.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Laredo Sector, on Friday morning a truck driver reported he was attacked while he was parked at a truck stop in Encinal.


The trucker, who CBP did not identify, claimed he heard people attempting to climb up into the windjammer of his tractor.

He then exited the cab of the tractor to investigate, and when he did, he said he witnessed three people running away.

“A short time later, the driver saw the same three people trying to climb back into the windjammer,” a CBP release stated. “He got out of truck with a flashlight in hand to confront them and was allegedly rushed by them.”

The driver said he began swinging his flashlight to defend himself and they later fled on foot towards Interstate 35.

The La Salle County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and officers responded to the scene.


Investigators later found three people hiding behind a local store, CBP reported.

Two of the individuals were bleeding from lacerations on their heads and admitted that the injuries resulted from the altercation with the trucker.

CBP informed the three people were taken into custody and determined to be illegally in the country from Mexico.


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