Trucker Wanted For Murder Is Taken Down In The Middle Of Florida Interstate

Longwood, Florida – Just released is brand new video of armed officers apprehending a truck driver wanted for murder along Interstate 4 just outside of Orlando.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), truck driver Alexander Rodriguez-Miranda, 44, was arrested on a felony warrant for second-degree murder and conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Miranda had been wanted by Longwood Police in connection with a 2018 murder in a community outside Orlando, according to SCSO.

On Monday law enforcement officials made their move. In the aerial video shot from a chopper assisting in the operation, Miranda’s tractor-trailer is seen traveling along I-4 when unmarked pickup trucks begin to box the big rig in. Miranda slows the vehicle and comes to a stop.


Shortly after the tractor-trailer comes to a safe stop in the center lane, heavily armed officers begin to move in with weapons drawn. Miranda can be seen opening the semi door and immediately raising his hands in surrender.

As one officer keeps his rifle pointed at Miranda, a second officer is seen yelling for Miranda to get on the ground. The second officer then forcefully grabs Miranda and pulls him out of the truck and places him face down on the roadway.

Miranda appeared to be complying with the officers during the capture. Watch the full video below.


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