Trucker Who Opened Fire on Assailants After Being Robbed and Beaten is Going to Prison

Brandon, MB – A Canadian trucker who was beaten and robbed of $13,000 cash while inside his semi-truck in July 2018 was sentenced to seven years in prison on Tuesday.

Randall Neil McCargar, 63, of Calgary, represented himself following an incident involving an alleged robbery and shooting that occurred on July 12, 2018 at the Petro-Canada located at the intersection of First Street and the Trans-Canada Highway.

Authorities say the whole ordeal began on July 11 when McCarger hired four prostitutes to “party” with him inside of his big rig.


He admitted to having $40,000 in his truck because he did not trust banks.

Investigators indicated McCargar used some of that money to pay for the prostitution services and handed out $100 bills to the women during the encounter.

According to McCargar, he was asleep inside his semi-truck the next day when he was awakened by a knock at his door around 4 p.m.

He told police he opened it and found a woman he had met the night prior and a male whom he had not met.

McCargar testified the woman and the male accomplice, later identified as 40-year-old Jared Sikala, then forced their way into the truck and “immediately started beating him.”


During the incident, McCargar said the couple demanded money and threatened to kill him.

McCargar alleges his wallet, which contained approximately $13,000, was taken from him during the struggle.

He said he was eventually able to push his alleged attackers from the truck and they fled the scene in a red pickup.

However, authorities say McCargar then opened fire at the getaway vehicle, and struck two of its passengers, one of whom being Sikala — a claim that McCargar vehemently denies.

The second shooting victim, a then-16-year-old girl, testified she went riding in the pickup to go get alcohol at a local store, but “ended up at the gas station instead.”


She told the court “Sikala and [three] other women were in the cab of McCargar’s truck for a few minutes before two of the women exited looking scared.”

The victim testified she witnessed a short struggle between Sikala and McCargar before Sikala returned to the pickup and said, “just drive.”

Court records show the teenage girl sustained gunshot wounds to her face and neck and was hospitalized for nearly two weeks, though none of the injuries were considered to be life threatening.


During the trial in February, McCargar claimed he was being set up and he did not shoot anybody.

Authorities said they seized a shotgun from an open closet in McCargar’s semi and located three shotgun shell casings at the scene.

Further, McCargar’s DNA was found on both the gun and the casings.

At the culmination of the trial, Justice Scott Abel convicted McCargar of two counts of discharging a firearm with intent to wound or endanger life and one count of possessing a firearm without a license.

In a 58-page decision, Justice Abel wrote, “[McCargar] may have been justified in discharging the shotgun, if a firearm had been used in the cab of the semi, while being assaulted by several people … However, once the assailants left the cab of the semi, the assault ended.”


On Thursday, Justice Abel sentenced McCargar to a total of seven years in prison, minus time already served.

He received six years for the discharge of firearm with intent to harm, plus one year for the possession of the firearm without a license.


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“They’re both lying, I told you that. They’re lying — they weren’t even there. They’re the real bandits. I proved that already,” McCargar argued with Justice Abel as the sentencing was being read in the courtroom.

“I’d just like to know how you figure I’m guilty when I’m not, they lied on the stand … I’m an innocent man, that’s what I’d like to tell you,” McCargar continued.


Abel said McCargar has the option to appeal the sentence if he does not believe it is fair.

McCargar did not have a criminal record prior to the July 2018 incident and according to Justice Abel “previously lived a successful life.” will bring you updates if McCargar chooses to appeal.



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