Trucker Who Shot Viral Video Of Massive I-70 Pileup Thought He Was “Gonna Die”

Oak Grove, Missouri – Truck driver Jamon Weaver and his girlfriend were driving from Kentucky to Las Vegas when they were caught in a 40-vehicle pileup along I-70 on Friday near Kansas City, Missouri.

Weaver had cell phone in hand and recorded much of the massive crash. As vehicles are colliding all around him, he can be heard imploring his girlfriend Tanika to stay in the truck, though she was urging him that they needed to get out of the truck.

“We gotta get out! We gotta get out,” she says. Weaver says “Wait! Wait! There’s nothing you can do. It’s best you stay in the truck,” he tells her.

Meanwhile, Weaver captured numerous 4-wheelers sliding by his truck and colliding with the growing pile of vehicles. “Oh my lawd bro! Somebody dead,” Weaver says.


After the collisions end Weaver then climbs out of the truck and begins to check on people involved in the crash. He makes his way over to a small SUV that was mangled. An older gentlemen is trapped inside and hunched over the steering wheel.

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Weaver tries to engage with the man. “Sir, are you ok?”  A fellow motorist who was also on the scene asks, “Are you ok?” Weaver responds, “Hell nah he ain’t ok!”

The man was unresponsive. Weaver says, “He knocked out. He knocked unconscious. He’s still breathing.” The fellow motorist says, “We gotta do something!”

The scene is as chaotic as one might expect it to be. Car horns blaring and people yelling and still trying to process what had just taken place.

Weaver continues on and encounters a teenage boy wrapped in a blanket standing in the roadway. Weaver asks, “You alright bro?” The young man, who does not appear to be injured responds, “Yeah.”

Weaver’s video has been all over the internet and gone viral since Friday afternoon.



“I Seen The Cars Coming And In My Head I’m Like ‘I’m Gonna Die.'”

KSNT, a local Kansas news outlet, caught up with Weaver Friday night after he had a chance to gather his thoughts and reflect on what had happened a few hours earlier. He described what he was thinking as the chaos was unfolding. “I can’t believe it is happening,” he said. “Boom, boom, boom, I’m just screaming like, ah lord, everybody dead.”


Weaver talks to KSNT.

Weaver said he thought it may be the end for him as well. “I seen the cars coming and in my head I’m like ‘I’m gonna die.'”


Weaver and his girlfriend were both uninjured and Weaver said he was glad he was in a big rig. However, he says he’s never be involved in anything like this before. “I’ve never been in an event or a circumstance like this in my life,” he said. “I never thought I would ever be in some stuff like this in my life.”

The Missouri Highway Patrol confirmed one person died in the accident and numerous others were taken to nearby hospitals.



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