Trucker Who Unintentionally Drove Into Protest Released Without Charges, Wife Asks For Help

Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota trucker who drove into a protest along Interstate 35 in Minneapolis last weekend has been released from jail without any charges being filed.

According to a statement from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman,  35-year-old Bogdan Vechirko of Otsego, was released on Tuesday pending further investigation.

“Investigators are in the process of gathering additional information and answers to aid in the charging decision,” Freeman said.


The release comes one day after Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and State Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington answered questions about Sunday’s incident.

According to both men, Vechirko was not targeting protesters, as many in national and local media insinuated, following the release of the dramatic video captured by Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) cameras.

Watch it HERE.

While Harrington said it is likely Vechirko was speeding and “panicked” upon approaching the more than 5,000 estimated protesters, he did his best to avoid harming anyone on the bridge.

Harrington also explained how it was that Vechirko ended up on the bridge at that time though the interstate had been closed.

Read more about how Vechirko ended up on the bridge HERE.


Vechirko’s release also comes one day after his wife, Liudmila, issued a plea for financial help.

Liudmila, who is 8 months pregnant, according to reports, appears in a video on YouTube.

“Due to multiple requests, I am recording this video for those who care and want to help our family,” she says.

Liudmila indicated that the couple’s credit cards are frozen since “they stole his wallet, phone, and all the belongings from the truck’s cabin.”

A PayPal account @freebogdan has been set up for those who wish to help the couple as a result of their “misfortune,” Luidmila says.

WATCH the video below.


What About Those Who Assaulted Vechirko?

Videos from the scene reveal that after Vechirko successfully gets the empty semi-tanker to a stop without striking anyone, multiple protesters then descend on his truck bashing in the windshield and eventually pulling him from the vehicle.

Vechirko was physically assaulted by a group of people while some protesters urged the group not to harm him and attempted to shield him from the violence.


Fortunately, police arrived within minutes and deployed a chemical agent to disperse the crowd fearing for everyone’s safety due to a possible leak from the tanker.

Vechirko, whose red shirt had been ripped off during the assaults, was also bleeding from wounds to his face and chest when police were seen quickly placing him in the back of a cruiser before transporting him to a nearby hospital.

So far, authorities have not indicated if anyone involved in beating Vechirko will face any charges.

Investigators certainly have plenty of video evidence to review should they wish to pursue the matter further. will continue to follow new developments.



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  1. He should have ran them over and got a metal of honor for his service to this country. The mayor and police that allowed this protest to occ5should be arrested for violations of federal transportation laws that prohibited the stopping of interstate commerce

    1. And if he had run them over he would be charged with murder. That’s the dumbest comment ever, this was terrible and I’m glad he got out alive and no charges.

    2. U must be one mean & cowardly SOB to run over a group of unarmed ppl &dnt mind going to prison for no less than vehicular manslaughter… Violation of federal transportation law? Stfu. Lol. Smh. Clearly an idiot who no one corrects thus think himself a genius

  2. Nahhhh. It wasnt an accident. At that speed? Dnt get me wrong, its crossed my mind what i would do– then i thought about this one time where 1000? motorcycles had both expressway lanes blocked even bikes prohibiting entering (where i was sitting in my rig). Pissed? Yes. I waited with the rest of traffic

  3. Here’s a lesson for the people who haven’t learned. Trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. use the roads and interstates to get around. I learned to look both ways before crossing and not to play in the streets. What do you expect would happen? A man gets beat up for doing his job and of course nothing happens to the people who beat him up. How about get the HELL OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSTATE WHERE TRUCKS DRIVE…IF NOT STOP COMPLAINING WHEN YOU GET RAN OVER.

  4. I was there. It was clearly intentional. He drove along the shoulder to pass a blockade of cars and then proceeded to floor it while laying on the horn from about 100 yards out. It’s reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon at the very least and anyone that watches the full 20 minute MNDOT video to see what he had to get through in order to even access the crowd would agree. Send him to prison.


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