Trucker Wins Year-Long Legal Battle in Violent Detention Case… But It’s Not Over Yet

Olive Branch, MS – After more than a year-long legal battle to clear his name, owner operator Clinton Kirker has finally done just that.

On Monday, Kirker was back in the County Court of DeSoto County Mississippi to once again argue his appeal in what has become a high-profile case within the trucking community.

In January of 2019, a DeSoto County judge found Kirker guilty of Disorderly Conduct – Interfering with a Business, stemming from a controversial incident in 2018 at a Mississippi shipper.


Surveillance video of the September 11, 2018 altercation at Metro Foods Distribution Center was obtained by Kirker through his former attorney and released to the public by Kirker in December 2018.

Upon the release of the video, many in the trucking community were outraged, as more than a half dozen security guards are seen violently detaining Kirker and his wife, Shannon.


Immediately following the guilty verdict, Kirker vowed to continue fighting to clear his name and on behalf of all truckers.

“If I lose this case it will say that shippers and receivers can legally hold us against our will and we as truckers have no rights,” he told Transportation Nation Network (TNN). “I’m not fighting this just for myself now. I’m fighting for truck drivers across the country.”

Kirker’s appeal was set to be heard in July of 2019, but after numerous delays in the case, the end finally came on Monday.

In a stunning development, the county prosecutor filed a motion to dismiss the charge against Kirker, and the judge did so.

“The plaintiffs didn’t show up and they didn’t have any evidence to prosecute,” Kirker tells TNN. “They knew the video did not prove their side of the story.”

He admitted he was unsure of what to expect going into today’s court hearing, but is now “absolutely, 100-percent relieved.”


Kirker says today’s events are not just a win for him, but for all truckers.

“This proves security guards are not above us. We as truck drivers do have rights. We just have to fight like hell to keep those rights.”

Kirker’s wife Shannon tells TNN she too is “relieved” the criminal case is behind them.

Reflecting upon the support the couple received from those in the trucking industry, she commented, “We appreciate what everyone has done for us. Without them, we wouldn’t have made it.”


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Multi-Million Dollar Civil Case Is Next

The Kirker’s are not finished with this situation just yet.

The couple filed a multi-million dollar civil suit against Metro Foods and security contractor Paragon Systems Inc. in September 2019.

According to Kirker, the suit alleges “libel, slander, malicious prosecution, assault, battery, and theft of property.”


Further, the couple’s suit alleges that each suffered physical and emotional injuries as a result of the security guards’ actions.

“Metro doesn’t feel they are responsible for the security guards,” Kirker tells TNN about the ongoing case.

However, he says the suit argues the guards are representatives of Metro Foods, and thus, Metro is “responsible for their actions.”

It’s possible the suit will be settled out of court, Kirker admits.

TNN will continue to follow the case.



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