Truckers And Trucking Companies Sued By Family Of I-75 Crash Victims

Henry County, Georgia – The family of the victims in the fatal crash along I-75 in May have filed a lawsuit against four drivers, including two semi-truck drivers, along with numerous trucking and insurance companies.

According to multiple reports, Georgia attorney Terry Jackson filed the suit this week on behalf of Fermin Martinez Cervantes and Jaime Sanchez-Ibarra.

Both Cervantes and Sanchez-Ibarra were killed in the crash along with Jose Ibarra, and his girlfriend, Juana Ortiz-Martinez.


The tragic scene unfolded on May 16 at approximately 12:15 p.m. along northbound I-75 at milepost 216.

39-year-old truck driver Mohabe McCoy of Euclid, Ohio failed to stop his tractor-trailer for slowing traffic and plowed into the back of a Chevy pickup truck pulling a trailer of pine straw.

The big rig then pushed the pickup truck, occupied by the four victims, into the back of another tractor-trailer, which was directly in front and already slowed.

The pickup was then crushed between the two rigs before bursting into flames.

McCoy is facing charges of second-degree homicide by vehicle (a misdemeanor), improper turn and driving too fast for conditions.

He was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond, but is now also facing Jackson’s lawsuit.


Jackson told local news outlet WSB-TV the family is seeking “justice” for what happened to their loved ones.

Jackson pointed to a video of the crash captured by a security camera at a nearby auto dealership.

It emerged shortly following the crash, and Jackson believes it will help prove his case.

WATCH below, but viewer discretion is advised.



“You can see our clients come slow and then you can see the tractor-trailer comes, there’s no braking, violent collision,” Jackson told WSB-TV. “The truck driver, to his credit, I think he burned his hands trying to get the folks out.”

The video was included in the electronic version of the lawsuit filed by Jackson.

Based on conversations Jackson claims to have had with witnesses of the crash, he said he believes the evidence will show that McCoy fell asleep moments before crashing into the pickup truck.


Jackson said he is also suing a tractor-trailer driver and two other motorists involved in a crash farther ahead of where the fatal crash occurred on I-75 North.

He argues that the initial accident, which caused traffic to slow, was avoidable.

As for McCoy, he is scheduled to appear in Magistrate Court again at 8:30 a.m. on June 25.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow any new developments in this case.




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