Trucker’s Appeal Postponed, Pledges To Keep Fighting For All “Truck Drivers”

Olive Branch, Mississippi – The owner operator found guilty of disorderly conduct stemming from a controversial incident last year at a Mississippi shipper is going to have to wait a bit longer to seek his exoneration.

The appeal in the high-profile case of owner operator Clinton Kirker originally scheduled for May 30, 2019, has been postponed.

Why the delay? Kirker tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) in an exclusive interview, “The prosecuting Attorney has been out sick and is not expected to return until after June 3rd.”

No new date has been scheduled at this time.


Kirker, though resolute, was disappointed because he is anxious to get this matter behind he and his wife Shannon.

He said he is confident he will be cleared of the Disorderly Conduct – Interfering With A Business charge because the surveillance video of the incident “absolutely proves I didn’t do anything to warrant what they did to us.”

Surveillance video of the September 2018 altercation at Metro Foods Distribution Center was obtained by Kirker through his former attorney and released to the public by Kirker in December 2018.

Upon the release of the video, many in the trucking community sounded off about the treatment they witnessed, as more than a half dozen security guards are seen violently detaining the husband and wife owner operator team.

Many were dismayed, when in January of this year, a DeSoto County judge found Kirker guilty of the Disorderly Conduct charge while dismissing a charge of Assault.

Immediately following the guilty verdict, Kirker vowed to continue fighting to clear his name and on behalf of all truckers.

“If I lose this case it will say that shippers and recievers can legally hold us against our will and we as truckers have no rights,” he told TNN. “I’m not fighting this just for myself now. I’m fighting for truck drivers across the country.”

A key difference in the appeal will be, for the first time in the case, a jury will watch the video, hear the testimony and render a verdict.


“A Total Loss”

As the couple sought to deal with their physical, mental, emotional, financial, and legal challenges in the aftermath of the incident, they were faced with even more difficulties.

In February of this year the couple’s semi was totaled after a box truck struck them along along I-70.

Shannon was behind-the-wheel of their 2016 Freightliner and unable to avoid colliding with the out of control white Ford.

Kirker tells TNN that Shannon continues to deal with injuries from the accident and has yet to be cleared to begin driving professionally again.

They are hopeful she can return to work soon.

He said he was cleared by his doctor to return to work earlier this month, so he’s been driving an Uber “to have a little income while we figure everything out.”


Fundraising Efforts Shut Down

Numerous online fundraising efforts were set up to help the Kirker’s, but they are no longer active after Kirker said he shut them down due to backlash he received from some within the trucking community.

He said he “stopped asking for help” after being “dogged.”

To his supporters and those who were kind enough to donate, Kirker says he is truly grateful for their belief in him and the cause.

“When it is over and we win, we plan to make it worth their while for believing in us,” he promised.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow this story.

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