Truckers Are Doing Pushups to Bring Awareness to a “Devastated” Trucking Charity

Little Rock, AR – A growing number of truckers are doing pushups each day to bring awareness to a trucking charity that has been badly hit by the COVID-19 recession.

Truckers Final Mile (TFM) was begun seven years ago by lease operator Robert Palm.

The mission of the charity is to provide financial and planning assistance to the families of truckers who sadly pass away, fall ill or become injured while over the road.


TFM helped 72 families last year alone.

In 51 of those cases, TFM provided financial relief and planning to help transport the trucker’s body back to their loved ones for burial, Palm told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) this week.

Palm says some of the biggest expenses TFM helps families with are costs for flights, permits, cremation, or embalming.

An important part of the charity’s fundraising efforts take place at truck shows.

However, due to the COVID-19 national emergency most every show has been cancelled.

Palm says it has been “devastating” for the charity.

“We had scheduled 15 shows to attend this year, and so far, they have all been canceled,” he lamented.


As a result, Palm says they have had to make some very difficult decisions.

“We’ve had to turn down several requests for assistance and we are currently running without a reserve,” he explained.

Organizers at the grassroots trucking group AmericaWithoutDrivers are once again stepping up to provide awareness to the struggles TFM is experiencing.

Last year, the group spearheaded a “pushup challenge,” in which truckers were asked to sign up and perform 10 pushups each day and post a video of it on social media.

If the trucker forgets to do the pushups or post the video, he then agrees to make a $10 donation to TFM.


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Spokesperson for AmericaWithoutDrivers and long-time trucking activist Charles Claburn tells TNN it is important to help charities like TFM.

“I’ve always thought it was the one charity that truly served the truck drivers in this industry,” Claburn said. “We want to promote it and help it grow.”


AmericaWithoutDrivers recently launched year two of the pushup challenge and though Palm is not an organizer, he couldn’t be more grateful.

“It’s awesome! I think it is phenomenal what they are doing,” he raved.

Those who sign up are asked to donate an amount of between $10 and $1,000 once the challenge is completed.

The pushup challenge will continue through Veteran’s Day.

If you would like to participate, simply click HERE and send a message to the group administrator.

If you would prefer to simply make a donation, you can do so by clicking HERE and following the link.

You can also follow TFM on Facebook by clicking HERE.



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