Trucker’s Bridge Bashing Leaves Santa With Fewer Toys to Deliver This Christmas

Deerfield, IL —  A trucker’s recent bridge bashing will sadly leave Santa with fewer toys to deliver this Christmas.

Last Wednesday, the City of Deerfield posted photos to its social media, showing a shiny red tractor pulling a Target trailer stuck at the Metra train underpass, which was festively decked out for the holiday season.


The incident happened on Deerfield Road, near the Chestnut Street intersection.

Aerial photos from the scene show a portion of the top of the Target trailer sheared off and loaded with Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal, along with many boxes simply labeled “Toys.”

“Santa needs to find a shorter truck,” Patti Brown wrote on the City of Deerfield’s Facebook page.

“The Metra underpass is still undefeated!!!” Dan IcInerney, Battalion Chief at Oak Park Fire Department, declared.


Photos also show a clearance sign affixed to the side of the bridge which reads 11 feet, 9 inches.

Fred Teeter said he was born and raised in Deerfield 77 years ago and semi’s have unsuccessfully attempted to go under the bridge for as long as he can remember.

“Maybe the warning should be directly over the bridge in front of their face instead of off to the side on the street corner and have a loud siren go off as well,” Christina O’Neil suggested.

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Elizabeth Riesche agreed the signs as-posted are not effective.

“What else is new?” she questioned. “I live at Deerfield & Chestnut, the TOO HIGH SIGNS are not getting the job done. This happens regularly.”


Deerfield Road was shut down for an undisclosed amount of time following the incident.

The towing company called to the scene told CBS Chicago the trucker was injured in the accident and reiterated the fact that the bridge is “hit all the time.”

Assuming the trucker was headed to deliver the load of goodies to the Target in Deerfield, he/she was just three miles away from the destination.

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