Truckers Cheered After Acting Quickly to Help Trooper Make a Dangerous Arrest

Kaysville, UT – The Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) offered its appreciation to truckers after two came to the aid of an trooper last week, just south of Salt Lake City.

In an interview with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), UHP Corporal Colton Freckleton shared the department’s appreciation to truckers, saying “They’ve always been a help to us in law enforcement.”


Cpl. Freckleton’s statement is reinforced by an incident that took place on Thursday, July 9 along Interstate 15 in Kaysville.

He told TNN the event began in the early afternoon hours when Officer Justin Law with UHP responded to a call about a citizen walking on I-15.

Officer Law arrived, hoping to assist the citizen, and upon trying to make contact, the male quickly “turned and walked the opposite direction.”

Realizing the subject “was not going to be compliant,” he called for another officer to assist.


However, before backup could arrive, the subject became suspicious in his movement and began running away from the patrol car.

According to Cpl. Freckleton, the officer made a quick decision at that time to arrest the subject for safety, who had exited the I-15 shoulder and was now in the HOV lane.

Officer Law exited the patrol car and initiated the arrest.

However, the subject “started to resist arrest” and a struggle ensued, Cpl. Freckleton indicated.


Fortuitously, semi-truck driver arrived to the area at 1:13 p.m. local time and quickkly jumped into action in order to help.

Even more, the entire short event was captured on the trucker’s dashcam.

Video footage reveals the unidentified trucker pulling his rig into the HOV lane and then running towards the officer and subject, who were both in the roadway.


Cpl. Freckleton said the position in which the quick-thinking trucker parked his semi also helped control traffic, in order to ensure safety of all involved.

Another trucker, hauling a tanker trailer, can be seen pulling up to the scene within seconds, safely stopping his rig, and existing the vehicle to also offer assistance.


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The entire video — which is less than a minute long — ends with another officer arriving to the scene.

Off video, UHP officers were able to place handcuffs on the subject and get him to the patrol car without further incident.


The subject’s identity is not being shared by officials, but Cpl. Freckleton confirmed he was later booked into the Davis County Jail.

Cpl. Freckleton said Officer Law thanked the two highway heroes who stopped to assist him and the three men exchanged information.

No faster than the truckers arrived, Cpl. Freckleton told TNN they were back in their trucks and continuing on their way.

“We appreciate truckers!” he exclaimed.

WATCH the dashcam footage below.


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  1. Everyone should do this even with crooked cops, we should not be afraid to stand up for good and fight against bad. Good thinking on the truckers to help because it could’ve been worse especially during traffic.

    1. Seems like the defund police movement just got sum more ammunition. All that money & departments are still only putting one trooper in vehicles. They only started having one cop per b/c budgets were cut under Clinton

      1. Complete and total lie. LE budgets have increased every year since the mid 80’s to the extent of the seizure laws being changed to further fund the police. Budget tracking can be found on every GAO site for every state. Stop spreading lies to support the militarization of the police. That’s why the Five branches of the military also now donate nearly new equipment to police forces nationwide so they can spend their entire budgets and the police look like they acquired equipment with spending tax dollars. The same dollars that bought it for the military. Why does a Iowa sheriff’s need up armored assault vehicles. To take our guns when the right wing fascist take over. It’s coming!

  2. Not a big fan of the criminal industrial complex and inherently racist laws and policing. But this was a good move by the truckers. Probably saved the arrestee from a severe beating and possibly being shot for “resisting” with handcuffs on.


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