Truckers Express Outrage Over Mega Fleet Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination

Springdale, AR – Truckers are expressing outrage after a private mega fleet was the first to require its employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Tuesday, the world’s second largest meat processor, Tyson Foods, announced its 120,000 U.S. employees, including its more than 2,500 truck drivers, will be required to get vaccinated.


In a statement, Donnie King, president and CEO of Tyson, said it was a decision the Springdale, AR-company “did not take lightly.”

All company employees must provide proof of vaccination no later than November 21, 2021, or face possible dismissal.

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Tyson is the first major carrier to require its drivers to be vaccinated or else.

In addition, as Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first reported, company officials are also strongly considering requiring all truckers who pick up or deliver to any Tyson facility to show proof of vaccination or be turned away.

Truckers Express Outrage

After breaking the news, the reaction from truckers on TNN’s Facebook page was swift and severe.

Almost 700 comments have poured in decrying Tyson’s decision.

“Drivers should just park their f-cking trucks and see how soon they’ll change their tune!!!” Brian Snuggs angrily responded.


Ashley Nelson said the carrier she hauls for is contracted with Tyson, but she won’t be taking the vaccine.

“Well looks like I won’t be picking up any Tyson loads anytime soon,” she wrote. “Might as well tell my dispatcher now not to send me to any Tyson plant.”

Gordon Cole argued it’s a much bigger issue than simply where you choose to work.

“Another way to control people and violate constitutional rights,” he commented.

Consumer Backlash

Feedback from consumers so far has been just as pointed.

A post to Tyson’s Facebook page announcing the mandate prompted thousands of reactions and comments.

“I hope people stand up and not allow companies to determine what goes into your body,” Bobbie Yocum wrote. “Only when people take a stand will this end. Scary times we are living in!”


“This is wrong and our family will no longer support your business and will no longer eat or purchase any of your products or any store brands that you may produce!!!” Kim Harris said.

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While hundreds and hundreds of comments mirrored the above sentiments, a minority expressed their support for the policy.

“Thank you, Tyson Foods!! So thankful you are working so hard to protect your team members and their families!” Leigh Harwood Evans exclaimed.

Even still, the ripple effect of a significant consumer boycott could have major negative impacts on both the company’s bottom line as well as the truckers and contract carriers hauling for Tyson. will be watching new developments closely in the days ahead.

Photo courtesy Tyson Foods

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