Trucker’s “False” Claim Sets Off Security Panic at Ohio Weigh Station

Harrison, OH – An unidentified trucker was sent for a psychiatric evaluation on Thursday after he falsely claimed he was being held against his will by armed men inside of his truck.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP), a tractor-trailer driver pulled his rig into a scale house along I-74 between New Haven Road and Dry Fork Road at approximately 1:00 p.m. and expressed he feared for his life.

The trucker allegedly reported that two armed men where in the sleeper of his truck and holding him against his will.

OSHP was immediately dispatched to the scene.


Officials took security precautions and shut down all lanes of a portion of I-74.

OSHP urged motorists to avoid the area.

The scale house and weigh station were also locked down as investigators questioned the trucker.

However, authorities quickly learned it was a “false” report.

OSHP says the trucker was taken to a local treatment facility where he was expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Investigators did not reveal if drugs or alcohol is suspected to have contributed to the driver’s mental state at the time.


Further, it is unclear if any charges will be filed in the incident.

Troopers re-opened all lanes within about 30 minutes.



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