Trucker’s Filling Station Blunder Damages 70 Cars

Coweta County, Georgia – A trucker’s mistake has led to as many as 70 cars being damaged and an oil company facing a significant monetary payout. Channel 2 Action News out of Atlanta reported a truck driver from Green Oil mistakenly filled a filling tank at an Atlanta metro area gas station with diesel fuel when it should have been unleaded fuel only. In fact, the driver put more than 2,000 gallons of diesel into a tank that already had unleaded fuel in it.

The mix of fuels created a toxic brew for as many as 70 motorists who were victims of this error. Surveillance footage from the gas station helped authorities piece together exactly what happened.


In a statement released by Green Oil they said: “We had a delivery error. A driver put diesel in our gasoline tank at the Newnan store. We didn’t know it until cars started quitting on the yard. Once we got notice, we shut everything down.”  The company says it intends to pay for all repairs to the vehicles damaged along with rental cars and towing charges.

This is yet another reminder that the public doesn’t really recognize the contributions of truckers until someone screws up. The next time you fuel your vehicle successfully, thank a trucker.

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