Truckers Are Outraged Over FMCSA’s New Guidance on What to Do If Attacked

Washington D.C. – Many truckers are fuming in response to new guidance issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on what commercial drivers should do if attacked.

Since widespread social unrest began in the wake of the death of George Floyd, we have seen truckers and big rigs targeted in cities such as Albany, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Louisville, KY; Minneapolis, MN; and St. Louis, MO, just to name a few.


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) broke the news last week that the FMCSA was considering unprecedented action.

After taking some time to consider its “statutory authorities,” the FMCSA issued new guidance to truckers.

In an announcement on Thursday night, the Agency encouraged truckers who encounter highway protests and threats of violence to use the “emergency conditions exception” in the hours of service (HOS) regulations.

“After seeing incidents of threats against truckers, FMCSA wants drivers to know that they may use the emergency conditions exception in § 395.1(b) to complete a trip without violating the hours-of-service regulations if the trip was delayed due to a civil disturbance causing a driver to reasonably fear for their physical safety,” a statement said.


Further, the Agency also advised, “Any driver who experiences crime or violence should immediately call the police.”

Truckers Sound Off

TNN was first to break the news on Thursday and reaction immediately began pouring in.

It wasn’t pretty.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of comments TNN received, we couldn’t find one supporting the Agency’s position.

James Webb wrote, “Extremely lame decision FMCSA & completely unacceptable!”


Patrick Dunn said, “The FMCSA is a joke and it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”

Call The Police

A common reaction among commenters was to scoff at the idea of calling the police while under attack.

“Thank you government for giving me permission to call time out to call the police when I’m getting beaten robbed and murdered,” said Jason Ingram. “I’m [sic] sure these polite protesters will wait for them to show up to enforce the law.”

James Driver wrote, “Call the police? Seriously? They being defunded and where they haven’t been they have been told not to do anything. At least not until a truck drives through the crowd.”


Craig Hall also had some choice words.

“They are a special kind of stupid. If you call the police by the time they get there it will be too late. That’s if the politicians would even let them do anything,” he commented.


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HOS Relief

As far as the clarification on HOS relief, many truckers panned that solution as well.

“So if I understand this correctly, after they have you stopped on a highway and you’re beaten, robbed, shot or murdered, you can still continue with your delivery without violating the HOS,” Gerald Houseknecht chided.

Steven Edward expressed a similar feeling.

“Nice! I can be dragged out of my truck, beaten almost to death and not have to worry one bit about a HOS violation ticket. I feel much better now,” Edward wrote.


Perhaps Thomas Mines summed up the overall tone of the majority of comments best when he wrote, “That’s just the nicest way of saying that they don’t care about the truck drivers.”

There is more news on this issue coming soon, so make sure to stay logged on to for the latest.

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