Trucker’s Mysterious Death Leaves Family Pleading For Answers

Houston, TX – The family of a truck driver who was discovered dead inside his semi-truck earlier this month is pleading for answers about what happened.

A Transportation Nation Network (TNN) investigation has confirmed the body of a 48-year-old trucker, who authorities said was “in an advanced state of decomposition” when he was found on August 3, as Allen Miller, of Many, LA.

Investigators said Miller was found deceased inside his truck more than four days after he last had contact with his trucking company.


Miller departed Laredo, TX with a load of frozen meat bound for Houston on Monday, July 29.

The rig was discovered on August 3 parked along the side of the road in the area of 175 McCarty Road and its load stolen.

Michele Arnold, Public Information Manager at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, told TNN this week that the manner of death in this case has not yet been determined.

“Some cases are very clear and some cases are mysteries,” Arnold said.

While Arnold stopped short of confirming a homicide investigation was ongoing, she did concede the circumstances of Miller’s death could be suspicious.

She directed us to the Houston Police Department (HPD) for more information.


Shortly after Miller was discovered, the HPD asked the public to contact its Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 with any information.

We have reached out repeatedly to HPD and have yet to get a response.

Miller’s mother, Linda, is a resident of Houston and told TNN in an exclusive interview that the HPD is not talking to her about the case either.

“I have not spoken to the police,” she said. “They refuse to return our phone calls.”

In fact, Linda revealed she learned more about her son’s death from articles published by TNN and the Houston Chronicle than from the police.

She is pleading for answers, but so far, none have been provided.

“I still don’t know how or why he died.”


The details police have provided thus far, she said, do not add up.

According to Linda, Miller was an experienced trucker of more than fifteen years, so he knew better than to park in an area of town that is known to be trouble.

“I don’t believe my son would park his eighteen-wheeler in that area on the shoulder of the road,” she confidently said.


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Further investigation into Miller’s background reveals he had been in and out of prison on drug-related charges.

Linda acknowledged Miller struggled with the addiction and would sometimes “binge on them.”


Was Miller’s death a result of an overdose or a perhaps a drug deal turned violent?

Maybe it was of natural causes?

Linda indicated Miller was diagnosed with a heart ailment when he was 19-years-old.

He was also a smoker.

“Maybe his body just gave out,” Linda questioned.

In any case, Linda says her days are now filled with the pain of not knowing what happened to her youngest of two sons.

“I sit here and I wonder,” she said.

However, she wants her son to be remembered as a good man who worked hard.

“He was a loving person. He was the kind of man who would give you the shirt off of his back,” she commented.


Miller also enjoyed being a trucker.

“Allen loved driving,” she fondly recalled.

Arnold indicated toxicology results are still pending and determining the manner of death could take months.

Until then, Linda and her family will painfully wait and wonder.

TNN will continue to follow this case.

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller



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