Trucker’s New Christmas Song Hits Drivers Really Close to Home

Little Rock, AR – Trucker and singer/songwriter Bill Weaver is back this holiday season with a new song that is hitting many drivers close to home.

“Christmas Out Here” is Weaver’s latest musical creation fresh off of success from last year’s fantastical holiday tune entitled “How The Truckers Saved Christmas.”

The new song and video were officially released in December and “describes what happens to truckers out here sometimes,” Weaver recently told Transportation Nation Network (TNN).


It tells the story of what happens when a trucker is not far from home on Christmas Eve, but then Mother Nature steps in.

It was white out conditions on Christmas Eve. Four hours from home and he couldn’t believe this could happen, but he had to shut it down.

After a “few other drivers” follow this trucker into a parking lot where a truck stop had once been, the four of them begin to discuss their plight of not being able to be with their families on Christmas morning.

Soon each of them break away from the conversation to call home and offer an explanation for why they won’t be making it back in time.

And the only explanation they could give is sometimes it’s how a trucker and his family have to live.

“There’s not a driver out here that doesn’t want to be with family on Christmas especially when you have little ones at home,” Weaver comments.


Whether it is an unforeseen traffic delay, bad weather, a breakdown or something else, many professional drivers know the sting of having to make that phone call home and deliver the bad news to their significant other.

Being home tonight is my biggest dream, but I’m stuck out here on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm in somewhere Oklahoma. Me and three other drivers talkin’ about trucks, but our thoughts keep changing to the ones we love. Tryin’ to be tough men and not shed any tears. Baby that’s the best way I know how to describe Christmas out here.

Perhaps that is why the song is resonating so well with drivers.

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” Weaver says.

“Christmas Out Here” is not just a song about the sacrifices truckers often have to make though.


The truckers’ decision to “shut it down” in perilous driving conditions is intended to serve as a strong “safety message” also, Weaver explains.

“Safety is paramount in these trucks. It’s up to the drivers not the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to keep us safe,” Weaver declares.


WATCH: Weaver’s Music Video “How The Truckers Saved Christmas”

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Ultimately, Weaver says “Christmas Out Here” is all about making the best out of unfortunate situations life as a trucker sometimes throws your way.

“Make the best of it wherever you are,” he urges.

Weaver’s message for all truckers this holiday season is simple.

“Keep some pride and honor about what you do and nobody can strip that away from you.”

WATCH the full music video below or click HERE.

Also, WATCH more of Weaver’s music videos HERE.




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