Trucker’s Pizza Mishap Leads to Chain Reaction Crashes

Henry County, IN – Indiana State Police (ISP) said numerous chain reaction crashes that snarled traffic earlier this week along Interstate 70 were set in motion as a result of a trucker choking on a piece of pizza.

ISP reported a big rig operating along westbound I-70 on Tuesday afternoon at approximately 1:30 near the 120 mile marker was forced to make an emergency stop after the driver began choking on a bite of pizza.

According to ISP, the trucker, who was not identified, told investigators he drove off the berm and got stuck as he choked.

An emergency response crew, including a wrecker, were dispatched to the scene.


As a wrecker towed the truck back onto the pavement, ISP says traffic became slow and congested through the area leading to multiple chain reaction crashes involving at least two passenger vehicles and two big rigs.

ISP says the crashes had traffic snarled along I-70 west bound for hours.

Fortunately, no one reported serious injuries, though two motorists were transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Trucker’s Dropped Sandwich Leads to Fatal Accident Along I-70

Tuesday’s food mishap was thankfully not as costly as a fatal crash earlier this year along I-70 westbound.

In March, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported truck driver Joe Robinson Jr. of Indianapolis was traveling westbound near mile marker 17 in Clay County when he dropped his sandwich.

Robinson then reached for the sandwich and told police he took his eyes off of the road for just a moment.

Once he looked back at the road it was too late.


He failed to see traffic was slowed due to an accident up ahead, according to ISP.

Robinson swerved but struck another semi-truck driven by Michael Workman, 30, of Glendale, AZ, in the rear causing its fuel tank to ignite.

Robinson’s truck continued until it came to rest in the median.

April Robinson, 45, of Indianapolis, was in the sleeper berth at the time of the accident.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Charles Tolbert, 52, of Yuma, AZ, was in the sleeper berth of Workman’s truck and was transported to a local hospital having sustained neck and back injuries which are not believed to be life threatening, police said at the time.


Neither driver was injured in the wreck.

Following the deadly crash Sgt. Matt Ames with ISP implored drivers to eliminate distractions while behind-the-wheel.

“All we ask people to do is put down your sandwiches, like we saw here today, and put down your phones and be looking through your windshield while you’re driving,” Ames said.



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