Trucker’s Quick Decision Ends High Speed Police Pursuit

Springfield, Missouri – Derek Cook got a lot more than just the cup of coffee when he stopped at a Kum and Go on Kearney St. and Delaware Ave. in Springfield, Missouri, Wednesday night about 11 p.m. According the the Springfield Police Department (SPD), officers were in a high speed pursuit of a suspect in an alleged robbery when Cook, a truck driver from St. Louis, followed his instincts. “As I was pulling out, sitting there at the signal, waiting to make my turn, here come the bad guys being chased by the Springfield PD and State Patrol,” Cook said to KY3 News. “I thought I would just pull out there and put a woe on it,” Cook said.

That’s exactly what he did. Cook hit the diesel and pulled out in front of the fleeing suspect. The car struck Cook’s semi and disabled the vehicle just as Cook hoped. “Around about two seconds later, he hit my truck and I felt a little push,” Cook said. “Then it swung him around to the curb and he waited there for two or three seconds. Then, got out there and ran.”


The suspect didn’t get very far because police apprehended and charged Malachi Okonu, 18, with multiple counts of robbery and resisting arrest among other charges. He is booked on a $50,000 bond.

Though Cook’s rig fared far better than did Okonu’s vehicle, it still took on some damage. “Part of his automobile hit a seal on my hub,” Cook said. “It spun him around and he tore up my tire,” he continued. Cook estimates the cost to repair the damage will run about $600. However, this crime-fighting trucker wouldn’t change a thing because he has long admired the work police officers do each day and he was pleased to be of service. “Police are my heroes,” Cook said. Truckers are ours.

Photo shared courtesy of KY3 News.

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