Trucker’s Quick-Thinking Saves Young Woman’s Life After Terrible Crash

Indianapolis, IN – A young woman who was seriously injured in a car accident over the weekend is crediting a kind-hearted and quick-thinking trucker for saving her life.

The incident occurred on Saturday around 1 a.m. on Interstate 465 in Indianapolis, near South Sherman Drive.


Truck driver Chuck Copley told local outlet FOX59 he was en route to Kentucky and following a “speeding car” on I-465 when he witnessed the car crash.

Knowing there had to be injuries involved in the dramatic crash, Copley didn’t think twice to pull his truck over and run to offer aid.

Luckily for the car’s occupants, Copley had experience as a volunteer firefighter and knew what to do in the situation.

Video footage from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) show the crashed car in a grassy area yards from the roadway.


Copley told FOX59 among the group of people inside the crashed vehicle, he noticed a young woman who was hurt the most.

She was losing a lot of blood and Copley noticed her right hand had been lost in the accident.

That young woman was 19-year-old Haley Waters.

Copley immediately identified a bandana on someone at the scene and asked to use it.

“We needed to make a tourniquet,” he explained.

He quickly retrieved a bungee cord from his semi and used the bandana and cord to wrap around Waters’ arm to stop the bleeding.


Copley stayed with her until paramedics arrived.

Waters was rushed to a nearby hospital and Copley continued his journey to Kentucky.

Less than a day later, Copley said he received a message from a thankful Waters.

She told him his actions early Saturday morning may have very well saved her life.

“I am so grateful, I don’t even know what else to say other than I’m so grateful,” she said in a video from her hospital bed.


Waters completely lost her right hand in the incident and showed her right arm wrapped up in a bandage.

“I’ll wake up sad, and then I’ll be really sad, it won’t bother me, and then it will,” she described.


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Nonetheless, Waters expressed her gratitude to Copley and two other drivers who she said stopped to render aid early that morning as well.

“It shows there are good people out there, and no matter how dark the world may seem right now, there are good people out there that will help you,” she said.


Further, she said she’s undergone a couple surgeries and is scheduled to go home on Tuesday.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Indiana State Police (ISP), speed was a factor in the crash.

ISP also revealed the driver responsible for the accident ran from the scene.


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