Truckers Rally a Nation as Freedom Convoy Rolls Out En Route to Canada’s Capital City

Ottawa, ON — Thousands of Canadian truckers joined by concerned citizens have begun an unprecedented convoy en route to the nation’s capital city.

On Saturday, participants in the “Freedom Convoy 2022” rolled out of British Columbia in what will be a week-long journey to Ottawa to protest Canada’s COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions.


Videos of supporters waiving Canadian flags and lining roadways and overpasses while cheering as participants “slow roll” through their communities quickly began popping up all over social media. (Search: #TruckersForFreedom and #FreedomConvoy)

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was the first news outlet in the U.S. to break the story early last week that truckers were planning to converge in Ottawa on Saturday, January 29, and demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Federal Government drop all mandates and restrictions.

Organizers told TNN they intend to stay until their demands are met.

Since TNN’s first report, organizers have raised almost C$3 million, raking in C$1 million in the last 36 hours alone.

Organizers like political activist Tamara Lich, who launched a GoFundMe campaign on January 14, admits no one expected such an “overwhelming” outpouring of support.


In a livestream on the Freedom Convoy’s Facebook page on Sunday, Lich told supporters she was “really grateful for all your encouragement,” but warned “we are now starting to be attacked and smeared.”

“They are starting to say some pretty nasty things, which we all knew that was going to come and that’s okay,” Lich said. “They are entitled to their opinion [but] we are not here to spread hate. We are here to love one another.”


Organizers tell TNN that as the movement has quickly gained steam, they have come under increasing attacks in the press and on social media in an effort to paint participants as “white supremacists,” “domestic terrorists,” and “dangerous anti-vaxxers.”

“We are not a terrorist organization,” organizer Brigitte Belton, an owner-operator from Wallaceburg, ON, insisted to TNN on Saturday. “We just want freedom. We just want our country back.”

The unvaccinated Belton is leased to a major U.S. carrier and frequently hauls freight across the border, but not any longer after both the U.S. and Canada have now implemented vaccination requirements.


Many thousands more professional drivers now find themselves in the same situation.

“We’ve had enough. We are at the breaking point. We need the politicians to wake up,” she told TNN.

Lich agrees as organizers have already registered “tens of thousands” of vehicles to participate in the nationwide demonstration.

However, in her latest statement, Lich expressed concern that “there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to try to sabotage this.”


She informed supporters that “road captains” leading the various convoys would soon be requiring participants to sign a “code of conduct” pledging to remain lawful and peaceful.

“If you see participants along the way that are misbehaving, acting aggressively in any way, or inciting any type of violence or hatred, please take down the truck number and their license plate number so we can forward that to the police,” she said. “I can assure you that is not us.”


Accessing the funds has also become a challenge as GoFundMe has yet to release the monies, Lich told TNN.

“They are just making me jump through hoops,” she stated on Sunday while informing supporters the group intended to hire a lawyer to work directly with the fundraising site.

Organizers say the funds will be used to reimburse truckers’ expenses such as fuel, food, lodging and showers.

Lich said a finance committee has been formed to oversee the disbursement of money, but could not “guarantee” that every trucker will be fully reimbursed given that the number of participants is growing so rapidly.


Acknowledging the Freedom Convoy will likely soon become more than simply a Canadian or trucking story, but rather a story of international consequence, Lich assured those supporting the cause organizers would see the plan all the way through.

“The world is watching. We are not backing down. We are going to Ottawa,” Lich promised.

Stay with for continuing coverage of this developing story.


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