Truckers Rally To “Assaulted” Owner Operator’s Defense After Stunning “Guilty” Verdict

Olive Branch, Mississippi – Many truckers were shocked and angered last week when a municipal court judge in DeSoto County, Mississippi, found owner operator Clinton Kirker guilty of Disorderly Conduct-Interfering With Business stemming from a September 2018, confrontation with security personnel at Metro Food Distribution in Olive Branch.

Security surveillance cameras captured the violent altercation and detention of Ohio-based husband and wife owner operators Clinton and Shannon Kirker, on the morning of September 11, 2018. Frustrated with the movement in his case, Clinton Kirker released the video of the forcible detention late last year after obtaining it through his attorney at the time.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was the first trucking media source to report the story and has since been bringing you comprehensive coverage of Kirker’s case. Kirker told TNN in exclusive interview last week, after the verdict, he intended to appeal the judge’s ruling and continue to fight, not just for himself, but for truckers.


“This basically states that we as truck drivers have no rights. We have to do whatever they (security guards) tell us to do even though they are not police,” Kirker told TNN.

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Judging from the immediate and passionate responses from truckers TNN received after first reporting Kirker had been found guilty, it’s clear many in the trucking community agree with Kirker. Truckers and others took to TNN social media pages and our members only LIVE feed on to express their outrage.

Here is a sampling of what truckers had to say:



Even Daisy Delaney, star of The Driver’s Lounge, a TNN original series show, weighed in on the guilty verdict.


Not every one expressed words of support for Kirker though.


YouTube Truckers Come To Kirker’s Defense

Popular YouTube truckers J Canell and Lil Dawg both devoted considerable time to expressing their concern and disbelief in the Kirker verdict. Both truckers live streamed their takes on the stunning events.

Canell even spent more than an hour giving viewers a full breakdown of the security video and providing his analysis of the entire altercation. Find both videos below.



Kirker was also recently interviewed on The Asian Mai Show. You can see the the full interview below.


Where Does Kirker Go From Here?

Kirker said both he and his wife are still affected by injuries sustained during the violent incident. Only hours after the verdict, he confirmed to TNN the couple intends to file a civil lawsuit and will name Metro Foods Distribution along with Paragon Systems Inc. as defendants. “That video speaks a million words and I hope it’s worth a million dollars,” Kirker said.


Kirker also plans to appeal the guilty verdict. The timeline for the appeal to be heard is not yet known. However, two key differences in the appeal effort will be a change of venue, though still in DeSoto County, and a jury will hear the case for the first time.

GoFundMe and PayPal campaigns have been set up to assist the Kirker’s in the mounting costs of their legal battle. As of Tuesday evening, Kirker says he has raised $1,128.50 from supporters who are fighting with him.

TNN will continue to bring you the latest developments in the Kirker’s ongoing battle.

Read all of TNN’s coverage on this story HERE.

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  1. Crazy shit. Why was he going to driver door instead of closing hood if he planned on leaving? & guard did put hands on him 1st. Hoped he learned his lesson, that is, if u gonna return wit heads, put dude down! Why tf did his wife think she was gonna do? Props for being ride or die but she shoulda been throwing dem hands &stumpin mfz


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