Truckers Rallying in D.C. Send Out “MayDay” Distress Call to President Trump

Washington D.C. – More than 100 truckers are rallying in Washington D.C. on Friday as part of numerous “MayDay” demonstrations to bring awareness to low rates and alleged price-fixing by freight brokers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) can confirm approximately 150 trucks descended on the nation’s capital in the early morning hours of May 1 with the intent to send out a “distress call” to President Donald Trump.

Tractors lined Constitution Avenue near the White House and drivers sounded their horns at approximately 8 a.m. in a dramatic show of solidarity.


One of the organizers, Rick Santiago, tells TNN, “It’s just trucks as far as you can see. It’s a beautiful sight.”

Another organizer, Shawn Mcintosh, live streamed the stirring moments and indicated the group plans to continue repeating the distress call each hour, on the hour.

Ten-year trucking veteran Scott Jordan tells TNN, he along with several other leaders of the rally, have had communication with a White House liaison who has been on scene numerous times today.

Leaders of the event are hoping to secure a meeting with President Trump.

Jordan tells TNN that any reporting suggesting a meeting has been arranged is not completely accurate.


However, he did confirm discussions are underway to that end and event organizers are hopeful about the possibility.

“The opportunity to go and meet with the President is pretty overwhelming,” he said. “I’ve been here before. I’m just going to sit here and be patient.”

Santiago also spoke with the White House liaison and tells TNN the chances of scoring a meeting with the President are “50-50.”


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According to multiple sources attending the rally, police have been accommodating and simply asking truckers to maintain social distancing.

Other demonstrations are happening today in cities such as Long Beach, CA; Fontana, CA; and Chicago, IL.

Stay logged on to for the latest on these events and for more reaction from those in attendance.


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