Truckers REACT to Latest Attack on Big Rig… ‘Let’s See If They Want to Riot When Stores Are Empty!’

Minneapolis, MN – Truckers are again expressing anger and frustration after a tractor-trailer was attacked in downtown Minneapolis last week.

A big rig was mobbed at the intersection of South 7th Street and S 3rd Ave. only minutes after the announcement of the “guilty” verdict in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin.


Hundreds of thousands of truckers have seen the video of the incident by now which shows a 10 Roads tractor-trailer — a company that hauls U.S. mail — being surrounded by a crowd who had gathered to hear the verdict as it was read.

If you have not seen it yet, WATCH the video below.

In the months following the death of George Floyd, truckers were subjected to protests that shut down major interstates and highways.

Moreover, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) led the reporting on the disturbing rise in truckers being targeted and physically coming under attack in cities across America.

While violent crime is skyrocketing in many U.S. cities and highway shootings continue to pose a serious threat to commercial operators, protesters targeting truckers has largely calmed in recent months.


However, last week’s attack in Minneapolis has seemingly reignited similar anger among many in the trucking community as was felt during last summer’s rash of violence.

Truckers Sound Off

TNN has received (so far) nearly 1,000 comments from readers regarding the incident.

We truly value your feedback and wanted to share some of the most liked and disliked comments as well as the most common thoughts you expressed.

Teri Kreutzer commented, “That’s just disgusting. A women out there trying to make a living being attacked for no reason.”

Charles Reid didn’t see it the same way though.

“The driver should [not] have been driving that way anyways. He knew the verdict was 4/20… common sense,” Reid said.


Kim McMullin created a bit of a stir with her comments.

“It’s so good to see racism in America is not excluded from transportation,” McMullin wrote. “If you educated yourself before commenting you would see it was one incident and while one is enough, the comments posted [of] reeked of racial bias and judgment. I hope none of you call yourselves Christians too, or you really give us a bad name.”

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Many commenters agreed with owner-operator Ken Price who suggested, “Yes, trucking companies need to arm their drivers.”

In response to federal, state and local authorities’ continued failure to enforce and prosecute existing laws pertaining to these type of incidents, Larry Wayne Maples simply stated, “We can demand all we want, but there is no one listening.”

Owner-operator Ray Mclear was also adamant in his opinion.

“Enough is enough… this was totally unacceptable. I’m done with these so-called protesters.”


However, the comment that has drawn the most agreement was provided by Tom Holzwarth.

“It’s high time that the trucking companies started protecting their drivers!” Holzwarth wrote. “Not by arming them! Not by hiring armed guards to protect them, the truck and trailer, or the load! But simply by refusing to send them into an area where there are RIOTS occuring!!! They want to riot, FINE!!! Lets see how much they want to riot when the stores, restaurants, and fast food joints are empty!”

Craig Detlefsen echoed Holzwarth’s point-of-view.

“Refuse to deliver into any city that allows this to happen. They will be out of gas, food and dry goods in less than a week and there will be chaos within 10 days. Only then will the local government attempt to restore law and order,” Detlefsen asserted.

Douglas Semack, like many truckers TNN has spoken with in the last year, said he informed his company he would not “go near the Twin Cities” to pick up or deliver.

“Time for All CMV to Stop going to Minneapolis,” Semack urged. “When their shelves become empty, no gas, and other products maybe the Citizens of the City will take the appropriate actions.”


Karen Gustafson also agreed.

“It’s time for trucking companies to completely boycott areas that are attacking drivers. Not one driver should be putting their life on the line for a bunch of ungrateful degenerates,” she wrote.

Jesus Cardenas expressed his thoughts quite succinctly.

“Yes. Truckers lives matter,” he said.

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