Truckers Reportedly Waiting 8 Hours to Cross U.S.-Mexico Border After Changes in Tijuana

Otay Mesa, CA – Truckers are reporting wait times of up to eight hours to cross the Otay Mesa Port of Entry following recent changes made by officials in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to local news outlet KRQE, truckers are facing increasingly long wait times due to Tijuana traffic officials’ recent decision to force commercial trucks into traffic lanes and residential areas near the border.


Juan Carlos Casillas has been a trucker for 22 years and tells KRQE “it’s a struggle to get across.”

“That’s complicated for them if you have to make a delivery to say, Los Angeles, you’ll never get back in time to make a second delivery,” said Casillas. “This hurts our bosses too, our companies, the maquiladoras all over the border, and, ultimately, consumers.”

The problem is of such concern that local trucking groups are pushing for the Mexican National Guard to help direct traffic in order to expedite the flow of commercial deliveries.


Cross-border non-essential travel restrictions are still in effect to due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is likely the problem will become exponentially worse if/when the restrictions are eased.

The Otay Mesa Port of Entry is the most highly trafficked port of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border with more than 1.4 million commercial trucks crossing each year.



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