Trucking Association Warns Big Rigs Are Being Targeted Along Missouri Interstate

Pulaski County, MO – The Illinois Trucking Association (ITA) recently issued a warning to truckers traveling along Interstate 44 in Missouri that trucks are being targeted.

According to a social media post over the weekend, the ITA indicated it received a report from one of its members that people are targeting big rigs by throwing wood from an overpass on westbound I-44 in Missouri at milepost 163.


One such incident occurred on Saturday, September 12, ITA said.

Truckers and trucks being targeted continues to be a serious problem.

Most recently a trucker took to social media late last month to report his rig, and numerous others, fell under attack along Interstate 20 in Mississippi.

“My wife Brandie Michelle Meeks and I along with 3 other drivers were attacked tonight on I-20 west bound in Mississippi, just east of Toomsuba mile marker 169,” he wrote on Saturday at 1:54 a.m. “Large objects and rocks were being thrown or launched at big rigs from an overpass.”


The accompanying photos showed extensive damage to multiple windshields.

Click HERE to see photos and read more.

It’s not just objects being hurled from overpasses that are creating added stresses and dangers for America’s over-the-road drivers.

Interstate shootings are also on the rise as violent crime continues to spike in many major U.S. cities.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to bring you the latest on these disturbing trends.



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