Trucking Co. Owner Victimized by Rioters Speaks Out… “We Lost What We Worked Hard For”

Orlando, FL – A small Florida trucking company has fallen victim to the rioting, looting and civil unrest that has plagued the country over the past four weeks.

Karyna Ivanchenko and her husband Denys Kitanin, of Orlando, are the owners of US Kitan LLC.

Both Ukrainian immigrants, Ivanchenko said they came the the U.S. less than a decade ago for a better life.


In an exclusive interview with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), Ivanchenko spoke of the blessing trucking has been to her family — which includes two young daughters, ages 3 and 5 — and how proud she is to provide jobs for truckers at their company.

Looking to grow their small fleet, the couple traveled to Georgia at the end of May to purchase their fourth truck: a 2016 International ProStar.

They paid $30,000 cash for the red semi from a reputable dealership, brought it back to Florida over the weekend and parked it in their company’s yard.

Ivanchenko said they were planning to get insurance on the truck on Monday.

However, in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 31, police say the truck was set on fire by a group of rioters.


Investigators who were at the scene predict the blaze started around 5 a.m. and caused catastrophic damage to the big rig.

By the time Ivanchenko and her husband made it to the yard around 9 a.m., the truck was a total loss.

In the fire report provided to Ivanchenko by Orange County Fire Rescue, which was obtained by TNN, the cause of the fire was deemed “intentional.”


While investigators were unable to determine what exactly was used to ignite the tractor, it is believed to be a highly flammable mixture of chemicals put in a bottle, also known as a molotov cocktail.

Despite the obvious arson, police are not currently looking for those responsible for the damage.


“I’m very emotional after what happened to my family,” Ivanchenko said. “I want peace, but when I see what is going on and felt this on my family… we lost what we worked hard for. The government is not helping and people are struggling.”

Unfortunately, Ivanchenko said, there’s nothing else they can do and they are out the $30,000.


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What’s worse is the loss comes in the midst of the national emergency, when many freight brokers have been accused of intentionally lowering rates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s hard right now to find good loads, and it’s getting worse and worse,” Ivanchenko told TNN.


Despite their recent misfortune, Ivanchenko said they won’t give up.

“We want to create new jobs for people and other truckers. We don’t give up… we will try our best,” she promised.



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  1. What’s it going to take for this country to stop the criminals and charge them with so many different charged it will bankrupt the convicts


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