Trucking Community Reacts to Biden’s ‘Out of Touch’ View of Truckers Amid Supply Chain Chaos

Washington D.C. – Many in the trucking community are pushing back on recent comments made by President Joe Biden.

Speaking from the White House last week, President Biden detailed current challenges in America’s supply chain.


During his remarks, the President implored retailers and trucking companies to work harder to solve the ongoing disruptions.

“We need major retailers who ordered the goods and the freight movers who take the goods from the ships to factories and stores to step up as well,” he said.

Mr. Biden then went further.

“If the private sector doesn’t step up we are going to call them out and ask them to act.”


The President’s comments were quickly panned by many throughout all sectors of the trucking industry.

In fact, the feedback on Transportation Nation Network’s (TNN) social media pages has continued to pour in since first reporting the story.

“Many of us stepped up during the lockdowns and received no type of significant bonus, raise, or tax cut for last year,” trucker Tre Shelton wrote on social media. “As soon as things went back to normal somewhat, everybody forgot about us truck drivers and started disrespecting us again. How things will be any different this time?”


Justin Jung, an over-the-road truck driver, also weighed in.

“With one hand they take and restrict and then say ‘work harder’ with the other!” he commented.

It wasn’t only truckers who deemed President Biden’s take about the ongoing crisis as insulting to the trucking industry.

Gary Salisbury, a former owner operator, long-time trucking executive and past chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association, also attempted to set the President straight.

“You are so out of touch, come on MAAAAN,” Salisbury wrote on LinkedIn. “Truckers have stepped up and will again, just to be treated like trash after this crisis is over. You do know we have rules and regulations we have to follow.”

“Sadly he is clearly once again so out of touch with reality,” stated John Elliott, CEO of Taylor, MI-based Load One Transportation. “Trucking has stepped up again and again. We are an over-regulated industry that is constrained and only wish we could do more to help! Mr. President get your facts straight.”


“Is this administration simply clueless or is this mis-information a result of an agenda?” questioned Daniel Faircloth, CEO of Surge Transportation Group. “Trucking is not the issue, over-regulation from certain states is the issue.”

“Oh boy — he stepped into it here,” wrote Caroline Lyle, chief marketing officer at Virago Marketing. “As usual — there is no connection between the administration and what is happening in real life.”

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“This guy doesn’t have a clue in how business, the supply chain and logistics works!” wrote Gary Griffin, a national sales consultant for Navistar.

Greg Reed, executive director of the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association, also sounded off.

“Work harder? What a laugh,” Reed said. “There is no one working harder in today’s economy than truck drivers, who are working day and night, around the clock, to hold together the supply chain.”


To make matters even worse, Reed also pointed out what many in the trucking industry also believe will result from the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates.

“And he says this while his administration pushes a vaccine/testing mandate that will upend the trucking industry,” Reed predicted.

Of the nearly 1,500 comments just on TNN’s Facebook page, the overwhelming majority expressed similar sentiments as the ones above.

If President Biden didn’t already have a credibility problem with those in the trucking community about his ability to solve the supply chain crisis, he appears to certainly have one now.

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