Secretary Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $100,000 from Trucking Company

Dauphin County, PA – A 45-year-old Harrisburg woman is facing numerous charges after authorities say she illegally schemed her way to more than $100,000 from a Pennsylvania trucking company.

On January 21, Swatara Township Police (STP) arrested and charged Jennifer Lynn Garland with forgery, theft by unlawful taking, unlawful use of a computer, and tampering with records related to the alleged embezzlement of more than $100,000 in funds from M&D Trucking, located in Harrisburg.

According to a criminal complaint, STP began investigating on January 6 after the co-owners of the business, Mark Eppley and Dennis Landi, first reported the suspected crime.


Garland worked for the company as Eppley’s secretary, police say.

Eppley says he began looking into Garland’s time card and payroll records after becoming concerned she had numerous call-offs for sickness and personal time, the complaint states.

Eppley became even more alarmed, he says, when he discovered he could not access the company’s checking account information because he had been effectively locked out of the system.

According to court documents, Eppley then reached out to Landi, who had been retired for four years, and asked him to help him access the financial records.

After accessing the system, the two men say they discovered Garland had been falsifying her time card to make it appear that she had been working more hours per week than she actually did.


They also found that Garland had given herself three raises over the last few months, boosting her pay rate from $19 per hour to $22 per hour, the complaint says.

Landi says they also discovered Garland submitted extra hours of personal time not allotted to her and was getting paid for extra vacation days and sick time.


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Court documents also allege Garland wrote several checks to herself from the company checkbook and then deposited them into her own account.

She then altered company records to indicate checks had been written to suppliers for materials that had never actually been purchased, according to the complaint.

At the time the charges were filed, police say more than $100,000 has been identified in the alleged scheme.

STP investigators say that amount is expected to rise as the investigation continues.



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