Trucking Company Supervisor Stole Shipment of Guns to Pay Off Drug Dealer, Police Say

Fort Wayne, IN – The supervisor of an Indiana trucking company has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly stealing a shipment of handguns to pay off a drug debt.

Michael Yoder, 36, of Fort Wayne, was indicted on Wednesday, September 25, for knowingly stealing firearms which were moving as, and were a part of, and which had moved in, interstate and foreign commerce, as well as knowingly possessing a firearm that was in and affecting commerce.

According to investigators, Yoder was a supervisor at a Fort Wayne trucking company where firearms were reported missing on September 9.


The missing firearms were from a shipment from Louisiana.

Representatives from the trucking company, which was not named in court documents, studied surveillance videos and interviewed employees about the missing weapons.

Court records stated 12 handguns in total were missing.

An internal investigation at the trucking company determined “the theft was perpetrated by an employee of the trucking company,” court documents allege.

Following the internal investigation, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) interviewed Yoder at his home.

Official documents allege Yoder “appeared to be under the influence” of something, even claiming Yoder fell asleep while agents were talking with him.


Furthermore, BATFE agents state Yoder confessed to using heroin.

Court records show BATFE agents located a cooler in Yoder’s personal vehicle, which contained the missing 12 handguns.

Authorities said Yoder later admitted to removing the guns from the shipment, placing them in the cooler and taking them to his residence.

Prosecutors said Yoder stole the guns to pay off a debt he owed to his drug dealer.

While the trucking company was not named in court documents, Yoder’s social media states he has been working for Saia Motor Freight since October 2018.



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