Trucking Group Asks Fast Food Giant to “Please Help Truckers” at Drive Thrus

Chicago, IL – A trucking group is appealing to the largest fast food chain in the world on behalf of truckers amid widespread restaurant closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least 34 states have ordered partial or full restaurant dine-in limitations, with others sure to follow suit in the coming hours and days, and the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) is asking McDonald’s Corporation to make some emergency changes to allow truckers easier access to food.

In a letter sent to the fast food chain’s corporate headquarters on Wednesday, James Lamb, president of the 15,000-member trucking group, writes, “Currently, truckers are having a difficult time finding food on the road due to various closures because of the national emergency. We are told they are being refused service when they walk up to your drive thru windows because they are not in sedans and their 80,000 lb. big rig trucks do not fit through your drive thru driveways.”


Lamb implores McDonalds to “please temporarily arrange for nationwide accommodations to serve truckers while your restaurants are closed.”

He further explains, “truckers cannot operate without food and we would very much appreciate it if we could advise them they can rely on you in this time of need.”

He then requests, “Will you please help truckers as they help America?”


Lamb tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN), the SBTC is doing all it can to help truckers gain more access to food as they serve the needs of all Americans.

“Over the past three days, the SBTC has reached out to the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Emergency Management Administration, Red Cross, and State Government officials –including those in Pennsylvania, about the shortage of food and facilities for truckers on the road in the middle of this crisis,” he said.


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Lamb warned negative consequences to America’s supply chain could arise if the fast food industry doesn’t pitch in and help the trucking community.

“We are now appealing to corporate giants like McDonald’s. America needs to band together and form immediate strategic partnerships to keep our fragile supply chain in place to avoid complete and utter disaster.”


On Tuesday, President Trump met with the heads of a number of fast food chains, including McDonald’s.

At a White House press briefing following that meeting, Mr. Trump reiterated these restaurants remain committed to keeping drive thru windows open.

However, Lamb says accommodations must be made to allow truckers to have access to these services like any other American, especially during these difficult times.

“Our government and corporate leaders now need to step up and go above and beyond for truckers and America’s small businesses.”

TNN will continue to follow developments on this issue.



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