Trucking Group Pushes USDOT to Help ‘Accelerate’ Deployment of Driverless Trucks

Washington D.C. – Trucking’s most powerful lobbyist is pushing the Biden Administration to do more to help speed the deployment of driverless trucks.

In a letter sent last week to United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) urged regulators to “accelerate” the removal of “regulatory barriers” preventing the adoption of automated vehicles (AVs).


“As the AV industry moves from research and development to deployment, we urge the Department to use its authority to foster a pathway for near-term AV deployment,” ATA’s letter states. “Among other benefits, AVs present an unprecedented opportunity to promote and advance transportation safety, increase access to mobility for underserved communities, and improve the efficiency of freight movement and the U.S. logistics system.”

ATA also argued, “Implementing a federal AV framework that fosters the safe deployment of AVs can help the Biden Administration to shepherd in a safer, more environmentally friendly, and accessible transportation future.”


Further, ATA said reducing regulatory barriers will allow the USDOT to “gather key data on the performance of AVs to inform permanent safety standards that are both practicable and effective.”

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Nearly a dozen other transportation-related business groups joined ATA in the effort including: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Consumer Technology Association, Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity, Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, American Chemistry Council, American Highway Users Alliance, Automotive Service Association, Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association, National Association of Manufacturers, and Intelligent Transportation Society of America.

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  1. Driverless trucks are a wayyyy off. The public is going to shut this idea down in a heart beat. The public finds out they are driving next to a 80,000 (40 ton truck remember) that is self driving guess what project is dead. Have a fatal accident it’s deader than dead. Telling the public 90% of the loads are going to be LTL loads the idea is still dead. 90% are LTL 10% won’t be. Where are not only the 10% but the 90% as well because the public doesn’t trust not only the Feds but everybody associated with trucking. Like I said Self Driving trucks are a long wayyyy off. If ever.


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