Trucking Groups Take Fight to Stop Massive Insurance Hike on Truckers to the Senate

Washington D.C. – A coalition comprised of 62 groups is blasting Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives for approving legislation last month that would massively hike minimum insurance liability requirements for motor carriers.

The Democratically-controlled U.S. House approved a controversial $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill known as the  Moving Forward Act (MFA-HR 2) on July 1, largely along party lines.


The MFA has drawn heavy criticism among trucking groups for including provisions to increase motor carriers’ liability insurance minimum from $750,000 to $2 million, and to delay the implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) recently unveiled Hours of Service (HOS) Final Rule.

A coalition heavily comprised of trucking groups such as the Owner Operator Independent Driver’s Association (OOIDA), National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC), and almost two dozen State trucking associations, is urging the U.S. Senate not to include the insurance hike as they consider the next surface transportation reauthorization bill.

On Monday, the coalition sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation urging Chairman Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Ranking Member Maria Cantwell (D-WA) to reject such a provision.


“Rejecting calls for increases in insurance coverage will help protect American jobs and businesses, including countless small businesses, from an unnecessary and excessive policy designed to further line the pockets of trial lawyers at the expense of truckers, farmers and manufacturers,” the letter states.


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Also joining the coalition are multiple groups in both the agricultural and materials industries.

“As illustrated by the diversity of our coalition, the impact would be felt in many sectors of the economy that are currently working to help our nation recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” the coalition writes.


The groups calls out Democrats who argue raising the insurance minimum for motor carriers will improve safety on our nation’s roadways.

“There is no reputable research indicating an increase of any amount would help reduce crash rates. Proposals to raise minimum liability coverage are nothing more than an opportunity for their most ardent supporters — trial lawyers — to receive higher payouts from settlements at the expense of American businesses,” the coalition contends.


The MFA has been declared dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and others. will continue to monitor this issue closely.

Click HERE to read the entire letter.



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