Trudeau in ‘Isolation’ as GoFundMe Begins Releasing $6 MILLION Raised for Freedom Convoy

Ottawa, ON — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone into isolation as thousands of truckers and concerned citizens supporting the Freedom Convoy just received some much-anticipated “great news.”

On Thursday morning, Prime Minister Trudeau announced he will be quarantining for five days, claiming he was exposed to COVID-19 on Wednesday night.


“My rapid test result was negative,” the fully vaccinated Prime Minister said. “I feel fine and will be working from home. Stay safe, everyone – and please get vaccinated.”

Following the news, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) spoke with multiple convoy participants who were skeptical.

One participant told TNN he thought Trudeau was “afraid of a bunch of truckers,” and another called him a “scaredy cat.”


Social media exploded with commenters questioning Trudeau’s claim while others mocked him.

One popular meme labeled the Prime Minister the “Hide and Seek Champion.”

Meanwhile, Freedom Convoy organizers also delivered welcomed news to supporters who have made more than 81,000 donations totaling close to C$6.5 million since January 14.

“GoFundMe is releasing some money,” organizer Tamara Lich said on a Facebook livestream. “It was a bit of a process but the team has been working around the clock and we just got confirmation, so we’re good.”


Much has been reported in recent days about the fundraising site’s unwillingness to release the funds before organizers provided a suitable “withdrawal plan.”

Organizers told TNN this week they had retained legal counsel to work directly with GoFundMe with the expectation the funds would soon be released.

“We got’er done. Isn’t that funny? It was never frozen to begin with,” Lich responded to critics.

The convoy remains on track to arrive in Ottawa on Saturday, January 29.

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On Wednesday, Freedom Convoy organizers released a list of demands of Prime Minister Trudeau and governmental leaders they say must be met in order for them to leave.

Stay with for ongoing exclusive coverage of the historic protest.

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Photo provided to TNN courtesy Lisa Davison/Renegade Heart Photography

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