Trump: Canadian Truckers Doing More to Defend American Freedom Than Our Own Leaders

Conroe, TX — Former President Donald Trump is praising Canadian truckers for standing up for freedom.

At a rally on Saturday night in Texas, the former leader of the free world applauded truckers leading the historic Freedom Convoy in Canada.


“The Canadian truckers, you’ve been reading about it, who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates and doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders by far,” Mr. Trump said to exuberant cheers from the massive crowd. “We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way. They’ve really shown something.”

The former president’s comments come as American political leaders have been largely silent on the unprecedented developments over the last two weeks.


Notably, President Joe Biden nor any member of his administration — including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — has commented about the growing protest of Canada’s heavy-handed COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions.

Since Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first broke the story in the United States on January 17, the movement has gained millions of supporters both in Canada and around the world.

Also coming out in support of Freedom Convoy 2022 in the last week included the world’s richest person Elon Musk, popular podcast hosts Joe Rogan and Russell Brand, along with other celebrities such as comedian Larry the Cable Guy and Canadian hockey legend Theo Fleury.


On Saturday, thousands of Canadian truckers and concerned citizens finally converged in Ottawa culminating an historic week-long convoy across the country.

Despite warnings from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and much of the Canadian mainstream press that protesters would engage in violence, Ottawa Police said on Saturday that has not been the case thus far.

Stay with for continued coverage of Freedom Convoy 2022.

Click HERE to browse TNN’s coverage of Freedom Convoy 2022.


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